If there is one thing I have learned about the Zelda franchise, it is that all the installments work together to create a beautiful masterpiece. Perhaps this is why I did a double-take after running across this bit of news. What you see is a (life-sized?) statue of Hyrule’s Hero sitting amid piles of junk in a junk store. Indeed a strange sight to any fan of the series. I believe the site Sprite Stitch summed up this quite nicely.

“Why would you throw this out!?!”

I’m sure many people would pay a pretty penny for something like this. As it is though, we must content ourselves with looking at this masterpiece. Unless you are already on the way to your nearest junk store in hopes of making a similar find!

Source: 9GAG
Via: Sprite Stitch
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  • Trauma Tize

    omg… Yes, why would someone throw that out?! It just needs a bit of polishing, painting and all sorts of fixing for it to look brand new and nice. T_T

  • I wish I could have made that find!

  • mehmehmehmemh

    there is something really wrong with his arm…

  • DucksGoMooful

    There's nothing wrong with his arm, that's just the bracer making it look thin.

  • Destiny

    Too cool

  • reeceh92

    Update: Reports indicate that shortly upon the Link statue's arrival, all pots in the store were found smashed and the keys went missing.

    • Z-MAN7

      That sounds like an SCP article. Oh god, someone make this a thing.

      Perfect name would be SCP-LoZ or called "The Silent Protagonist" by Foundation personnel.

    • Hero_of_Skyloft

      night at the museum?

  • GreatMidnaFan

    Who would get rid of that?!

  • Monaster

    I want that statue! I'd put him right next to my lifesize Batman cardboard cutout! Where can I find him?

  • weldar7

    why would somebody want to get rid of that statue? i would keep it.