Consoles always require a system update one in a while, in order to function to its fullest. According to Miyamoto’s statement in an interview with Japanese publication Famitsu, the most recent system update will run a lot smoother and faster.

Miyamoto’s statement:

“With the most recent version update, the system runs a lot better, and while there will continue to be improvements in the future, I think it’s to the point where it’s a convenient thing to have in the living room.”

However, this is about the recent spring update. We’re still waiting to hear about the upcoming summer update. Stay tuned with Zelda Universe for more upcoming Wii U information!

Source: My Nintendo News
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  • What exactly changed…?

    • Christopher Weil

      Probably just some cleaning and improvement of code that will let the system run a bit better, along with some bug fixes and such. Nothing you'll really notice.

  • I miss the olden days when the consoles worked in the first place.

  • Majora

    @Loaf, technically the system “works” fine, it’s just a tad bit slow. I’ve been content with the hardware and system menu side of the wii u so far, but an update to improve the speed will definitely be good.

  • Keith

    What is that pic of twilight princess items on a wiiu gamepad?

    • Bland

      It's extremely old.
      Notice the beta thumbsticks
      This was made before the console even came out.

    • Baker1000

      Yeah that's the original GamePad design. 3DS style analogues, D-Pad and the A,B,X,Y buttons are sat square under them, making the length of the pad shorter (well, it appears to look it anyway). There's no NFC visible, no TV button, and the +/- buttons are below the screen either side of the home button, rather than being on the right.

  • Rupee

    "According to Miyamoto’s announcement, the most recent system update will run a lot smoother and faster."

    What? Read again, guys. He's talking about spring update and NOT about upcoming summer system update. Yes, system runs a lot better. RIGHT NOW..