Koholint Island 3D

Exploring Link’s Awakening‘s Koholint Island in all its 2D glory is already a wonderful experience, being one of the most mysterious and wonderful worlds Link has explored. Now you can experience its charm in an additional dimension on your browser right here, thanks to Mithosk Games.

After a brief install you can jump right into the Wind Fish’s dream world, which includes the entire Link’s Awakening map–houses, caves, dungeons and all. You can also hit the space bar to jump, interestingly allowing you to access all areas instantly by leaping over obstacles that would otherwise prevent Link from doing so in the original game. It’s also accompanied by an amazing orchestrated version of the game’s soundtrack by Dan Vithyavuthi.

According to creator Jordan Mullen over on Mithosk Games’ blog, it took him around 48 hours to complete. There are a few textures missing and a glitch here and there (which Jordan says may be fixed and updated in the future), but overall it’s very impressive and visually intriguing. You can also check out an image of the entire map right here.

Source: Mithosk Games (Thanks Joshua for the tip!)
Via: GoNintendo
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