Koholint Island 3D

Exploring Link’s Awakening‘s Koholint Island in all its 2D glory is already a wonderful experience, being one of the most mysterious and wonderful worlds Link has explored. Now you can experience its charm in an additional dimension on your browser right here, thanks to Mithosk Games.

After a brief install you can jump right into the Wind Fish’s dream world, which includes the entire Link’s Awakening map–houses, caves, dungeons and all. You can also hit the space bar to jump, interestingly allowing you to access all areas instantly by leaping over obstacles that would otherwise prevent Link from doing so in the original game. It’s also accompanied by an amazing orchestrated version of the game’s soundtrack by Dan Vithyavuthi.

According to creator Jordan Mullen over on Mithosk Games’ blog, it took him around 48 hours to complete. There are a few textures missing and a glitch here and there (which Jordan says may be fixed and updated in the future), but overall it’s very impressive and visually intriguing. You can also check out an image of the entire map right here.

Source: Mithosk Games (Thanks Joshua for the tip!)
Via: GoNintendo
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  • TaylorTetraGrl

    :O be right back imma go download yet another app.

    • Taylortetragrl

      ***go get my laptop

  • kaepora21

    48 hours? THAT'S ALL?

    … what am I doing with my life?

  • KingOfRedLeopards

    There is one little thing that can get somewhat annoying, which is if you fall out of a dungeon or cave it teleports you back to Mabe, but other than that it's great!

    • Zach

      i fell off the world tee heeee

  • Ansak

    I clicked on the link, downloaded it, and re-tried, but nothing happened..? Should I just leave it up to load, or did I miss something?

    • Reynbo

      I'm having the same issue, I'm using google chrome, maybe that has something to do with it?

      • Ansak

        I'm using Chrome too… I'll try IE then

        • Chris

          I got it to work well with Chrome, I just installed the app. and I let it load. It took about 5 minutes to load and start 🙂

          • Zach

            it worked the first time for me i is on firefox… tee heee

        • iexploder

          You don't need to downgrade…

  • TheLOLPlayer

    It somehow teleported me from Key Cavern to Bottle Grotto…
    Hmm… Strange…

  • TheLOLPlayer

    But anyway, Tal Tal Heights is still beautiful.

  • Guil.

    Holy crap that is awesome. And the way the music changes when you enter a new area. I just wanted to stay in the Southern Face Shrine. But the music didn't loop smoothly so I left to explore the rest of the world. Mainly doing dungeons in the right order. Old habits are hard to change.

  • Data Hound

    A really impressive 3D rendition, it was very nostalgic walking through that world yet the new dimension added a sense of depth which the gameboy original lacked (due to the memory limitations of the gameboy). Also the colour made it seem far more vibrant. My favourite Zelda game was always 'A link to the past' but seeing this in 3D has made my decision waver somewhat.

  • chungus

    "overall it’s very impressive and visually intriguing."

    • reeceh92

      You disagree?

      Also, hello fellow Podtoid fan.

  • SyrusYuki

    I keep getting error with details saying "Bad file length"

  • 48 hours?! Why doesn't he do the rest?

  • Zach

    day should just redo LA as a 3D game

  • thumbs down me

    hate to say "thumbs up" but thumbs up if you downloaded it so you can play it offline…

  • Anonymous

    There appears to be some confusion.
    It took him 48 hours to convert his preexisting 3D map data — which took him two years to complete — into a playable Unity project

  • emilio

    there's a secret tune you can listen. if you walk arround the island from the sea , you will find a waterfall with a hole. if you get inside, go out and clinb the right side of the waterfall it will start playing! i found this by accident, i felt and walk arround to find a way to get up again.