Developer Eiji Aonuma doesn’t play favorites when it comes to Zelda games. However, he admits in a recent Wired interview that Wind Waker holds a special place in his heart.  Just as the King of Red Lions mentored Link, Aonuma became a father to his very own baby hero. “I would say that Wind Waker is particularly special because I worked on that just as my son was being born. So it’s the first game I created as a father,” he said.

Aonuma reveals similarities between himself and the King of Red Lions. “For example, the King of Red Lions, I created that, and he has a very paternal, very fatherly-sounding voice, so that I think comes across a little bit,” he explained.  The King of Red Lions certainly acts as a father figure to Link, sharing wisdom and direction as he carries the young hero throughout the Great Seas. The parallels between the King of Red Lions and Aonuma humanize the characters, adding another layer of depth to an already strong story.

Working on Wind Waker for the Wii U brings back those memories of becoming a father for the first time. “So it was a new life milestone, the timing of that particular project, so it’s certainly special to me and I’ll always remember that. As I’m working on the game again, some of those feelings are coming back. So there’s a special kind of love for that game. But all of the titles remind me of different points in my life, so they’re all very special to me.”

Does any Zelda game stand out to you because of what was going on in your life?

Source: Wired
  • Nielyboyken

    It's for Wii-U… Ofcourse!!! 😀

  • Daniel

    I remember playing the first Legend of Zelda game on the Nintendo NES. I thought it was the coolest game ever made, and not just because the cartridge was gold. I am (very slowly) working my way through all the games, can't wait to play this one for the first time.

  • Samantha

    When I was little, my dad would read the dialogue while I played A Link to the Past. I couldn’t read at the time, but learned while playing the game. It was also one of the first games I got to play on my own

  • Nuudom

    I remember getting Wind Waker for christmas and playing it with my bigbrother. It was my favourite christmas.

  • Chris

    When I played Four Swords Adventures with my siblings it kinda had the opposite effect. There was a lot of fighting, so… um, yeah.

  • Zelda_Styles10

    I remember the first Zelda game I played was Twilight Princess….big mistake. I was little at the time, and seeing all those Shadow Creatures and realistic(at least for me at the time) monsters was very scary. Not only that but, I would have others play through my boss battles because if I did it I would freak out. I remember in time in the Forest Temple the giant Skulltulla(that's how you spell it right? I always forget..) cornered Link and I was in first person view…..I screamed my head off and my parents freaked out; looking back it was REALLY funny. =D

  • GreatMidnaFan

    I had a connection to Twilight Princess some years ago I never knew Midna was a beautiful princess but through out the game I was amazed how she never thought about how ugly she looked (I think she looks cute though) but she still acted like royalty yet still a little sharp tongued. I always thought of being her for Halloween but being 100 somethin' pounds, I never thought I can be as pretty as her….when I found out she was a really beautiful princess of Twilight I was shocked and I almost cried because knowing something with little power and the help of someone a little flower can bloom. So cheesy >.<

  • Mickii

    Oh, how beautiful. Thats how Ive always imagined King, almost a father. But Aonuma's story gives it more depth, and warmth. I remember when my sisiter and I used to play Four Swords. It was a blast, being my first Zelda game, but since its the smallest, we dont play it much anymore. Of course, thanks to Four Swords Anniversary Edition, we can play it often, and those memories come rushing back when we do..

  • Jake

    This was indeed an insightful and well meaning observation for all Zelda followers. As for me personally, this reminds me of only Amanda, my dear, dear friend from work.
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  • Alyssa

    I found Twilight Princess, my first Zelda game, pretty meaningful…
    I was in the City in the Sky, one of the lonliest dungeons (I think), in the game. And I felt pretty alone myself, with it being a new school and no firm friends, and the holidays jsut started… I got very lost in the game, to be honest. I felt really cold, and zombieish. And very, very alone. I don't know if the game helped me or not, but although I don't think it was my favourite temple, a temple that to me wouldn't have been very memoriable otherwise is now very well imprinted in my mind.

  • Samantha

    Wind Waker was my first video game I ever played. I was three at the time. My dad bought a GameCube and we started it up together, exploring the entire game and commenting on it. He'd always say I was a princess but I wanted to be link, the heroine. We both agreed I could do both as long as I don't have to wear a dress. He said I always laughed at the silly animations of the monster's blowing up when you beat them. After me and my friends go back and play Wind Waker I can't help but remember those memories of me and my dad having so much fun. The fact that it was my first game ever made everything even more special.

    Thank you, Aonuma, for making such a beautiful game..and creating the first game to introduce me to the gaming world. It was and is a great treat.

    I can't wait to see what more the Zelda Franchise will offer.