Last year, Shigeru Miyamoto told IGN that the development teams were debating whether they want to create either a sequel or remake of A Link to the Past, or a Majora’s Mask remake. A year later, we all know how that decision ended now that A Link Between Worlds is on the way at the end of the year. But what of that other highly intriguing project?

IGN’s Richard George caught up with Miyamoto again this year, to ask if fans can still expect this remake to happen. Miyamoto’s response was brief but positive: “well, they’re still in my memory.” This seems to suggest that he is still considering those fans, and the possibility of developing the game–or maybe development is already underway?

Reflecting on last year’s interview, it’s interesting that Miyamoto would say that the team was debating the two projects, when A Link Between Worlds had already been in development for a year at that point. Perhaps that “debate” was a ploy all along to make us wonder? Sneaky, if so.

Source: IGN
  • KidWiththeBackpack

    I’m pretty confident they will make it at some point. It will sell, there’s no doubt about it, and I don’t think it would take that much time and money on their part compared to creating a new game. If they had the same team working on it that did OoT 3D that is.

    • Blizzara Dragon

      I'm hoping that they do, especially with how excited Grezzo was over the fan reaction. One of the things they talked about in Nintendo Power was how if they got to remake it, they wanted it to be on equal footing with Ocarina 3D. This included adding a Master Quest version, which I think would be awesome to see in MM. A Master Quest version could also be why there was debate between MM 3D and the ALttP sequel.

  • kkk

    Hahaha that's hilarious.
    Personally I hate it when games force you to play as a different character no matter who.
    It ruins the flow and often time simply leaves you tapping your foot anxiously until you can FINALLY get back to playing with the normal layout.

    • lulio

      I don't understand how putting one game out that changes the format is forcing anyone to do anything. No one is making you buy or even play the game if you don't want to. There are no guns to anyone's heads here.

  • wandersage

    I'd much rather see a Majora's Mask HD for WiiU, then I'd have a much better reason to get the WiiU once the new zelda game finally gets made, 3 zelda games on one console would be awesome.

    • MinishDude

      Honestly, I'd rather have it on 3DS. It'd give me something to play during breaks at school, along with OoT.

      And it'd make no sense to put it on Wii U, given that Majora's Mask is already available on Virtual Console

      • JonahTHD

        Also, it just makes more sense since OoT was remade on the 3DS, and MM is the direct sequel, so it should ALSO be on the 3DS.

        • RPH1

          They also already have the engine and art style set for the 3DS. I hope they give us a soundtrack cd like they did with OoT3D.

        • Triguy123

          ^Either! In time. But MM Wii U Sequel being the upcoming game… Mmm HarvestCheddarSunChippedVanillaMilkshakes.. (thumbs up for holographicicearrows)

  • levi

    Id take the 3ds redo any day I like nintendo but honestly the wii u is a bigger let down than the first wii because it tells me as a fan that they are not listening to me (I want a freacking controller back assholes)

    • Sheik

      The Wii U solved all the problems that plagued the Wii. Most games now have multiple controller options. For example, you may use the Pro Controller (similar to a PS3 controller), the Gamepad (which uses the display for maps and inventory usually), or the Wiimote for games that require more accurate aiming.

      The only "problem"… the wait for Nintendo to crank out top-notch titles is keeping us all on edge. But quality takes time. Quality over quantity please, Nintendo. Take your time.

  • NicktheHero1

    Whatever they do, they need to make an MM remake for something…..soon!

    • NicktheHero1

      It only makes sense to remake it on 3DS since they did it for Oot and MM is the sequel.

  • Mac

    If a Majora's Mask remake does show up, add something other than a hint system. Ocarina of Time 3D was disappointing in that respect… But Miyamoto is the one calling the shots, so we'll just have to hope for the best.

  • Triguy123

    o'myGaawdess. Majora's Mask Wii U Sequel would be magic! Unless its magic meter became a stamina meter.. and.. Nah, that's it. Lawlmood (mmm.. Multiplayer)(mm.. Donkey Kong 64 was so fun)

    • Triguy123

      ?whayi downthumb

  • Arthur Miracle

    My patience was at a fine level until the guy said "… or maybe developement is already underway?"
    Stupid cliff hangers….

  • Amanda L.

    i agree and then as soon as this one come out they can start on Twilight Princess!

  • Adam

    How is it not obvious that the reason he said those things is because they were already toying with a remake of aLttP. What was shown of A Link Between Worlds is waaaay to similar to it’s source not to have been the result of an experiment in recreating the first game.

    I’d put money on that the decision to make it a sequel was a very very recent decision.

  • Echon

    The only reason I don't sigh and roll my eyes in exhaustion over yet another graphical update of a game (I am so sick of HD remakes and all its overly hyped-up ilk) is that Majora's Mask is my favorite Zelda game.

  • kate

    I have to say that I really hope this happens. The only reason I finally got around to beating OoT was the 3DS remake, and I never even played MM, so this would be the perfect way to be introduced to it.

  • majora mask remake on wii u,from the guys who made that trailer back in 2012 .. they should work on the game

  • DJ*Zelda

    I really hope they remake this. I've been waiting forevs.

  • heroofmask

    it will have to be on 3ds its a trend what every system oot goes on mm goes on there brothers plus much easier to do that considering they already have the source codes from oot3d and mm used alot of the people from oot much easier then just to create the game from scratch

  • Vidalark

    I really do hope that they bring Majora's Mask to the 3DS because for gamers like me who enjoyed tohe game back in my youth and I had the time to sit at home and play my beloved games it is nice to revisit them in a more portable fashion. Ocarina Of Time was beautifully brought over so why not the follow up?

  • Ixbran

    Didnt they once say already that they would consider doing a 3DS remake of MM, but only After a 3DS original Zelda game? I am pretty sure that once they finish "A Link Between Worlds", an announcement for a 3DS version of "Majoras Mask" wont be too far behind.

    • The Moon

      Agreed, I feel like that statement is far too overlooked!

  • ForcedUser

    The reason I would REALLY push for a 3DS Majora's Mask is (among being a portable Majora's Mask) it would lend credence to the notion of making the story of Ocarina of Time into a trilogy. Think about it, the engine has to be there by the time they've pulled off two games with it. Why not put out one more story with the Hero of Time? What happens to him? If they're going with the Hero Shade idea, how does that happen? How does he get back?

    It would pretty awesome to see a new game based around the N64 era of games. It looks great on the 3DS, we've already seen it with OoT3D. Of course, this would suggest a situation where the 3DS gets, what, four Zelda games?

    Ok, I never said it was very likely, just a fun dream!

  • For god's sake, the game is FINISHED. It's COMPLETED. It's one of the greatest games of all time and it's finished. Now make a new game.

  • Manuel

    I personally think that the game looks awfull on the 3DS version, the Wii U can offer better graphics and would definetly make zelda fans buy the game on the wii u and the console too

    • heroofmask

      if they did that thgen fans would complain they gave to much attention to mm and not anoth to oot3d its better to be fair with those 2 then the favor them

  • Whacked88

    I'd rather see a sequel to Zelda MM, although that's just wishful thinking.

  • tom

    I think it will be released alongside zelda u, which makes me think it will be on 3ds.

  • Nintendo should spend time remaking a good game in HD, like Majora's Mask, instead of remaking a game that should stay in the past like the Wind Waker.

  • Triguy123

    !!! MAJORAS MASK REMAKE STILL ON THE CARDS !!! Speaking of cards, has anyyou played the *BATEN KAITOS series*. I hiiighly recommend the two Gamecube games and wish for another to be created. They are RPG's with great style. Its combat is turn based using several cards in combination in each turn called Magnus(the essence of weapons/attacks/items held in cards-solely for gameplay*blended well in story*). *An artist(artists) from the series helped conceptualize some of Skyward Swords designs* You've gotta check out its in game artwork. It's beautiful.

  • LordGirahim

    I think a 3D Majoras Mask would be epic since I kinda missed the 64 era. However I am a bit disappointed that the next Zelda will be set in the same world as LttP. The timeline basically says that none of the originals matter. I want a game that continues the real story child or adult branch doesnt matter. This is before the first 2 games so we know nothing will happen that changes Hyrule greatly. I want to see an event which contributes to Hyrules rich lore. Maybe a game set during the civil war since a Link appears in every major event so there must gave been 1 then. Also the hero of men in the MC backstory is clearly an initeration of Link.

  • Gavs

    Any chance "A Link Between Worlds" refers to the link between Hyrule and Termina?

  • darknessofchez

    they would be a fool not to make the game since everyone wants it and no one wants a link between two worlds if they didn't make it there would be a major protest in kyoto

  • Gamer

    Dear Miyamoto, please clone yourself and inextricably bind your clones to Ninentendo for life. Or copy and duplicate your mind so that you can produce games that we all absolutely cannot wait to play. When you are gone, the world will be at a great loss and many of us will be left remembering the day we were first introduced to the Skull Kid in the woods of Hyrule, or that first time we watched a little red plumber jump on bullets with eyes, or the first time we realized that Samus Aran is in fact a girl. Thank you. Your ethic and imagination inspire us all.

  • sonicmariolink

    MM was my most favourite zelda game i ever had. sure, my dad beated a link to the past and i played just about every other zelda game, but MM takes the cake for most favourite. the masks, the ending, and all the stuff you can do with them(and also replay boss battles!!!!) makes me want to find everything i can about this remake. i have played MM since i was 5 and want to relive the experience of termina again.