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The amazing fan response continues regarding Aonuma’s recent hint that he will consider placing Zelda in a lead role, as just yesterday a Facebook fan group launched to support passionate fans striving to make Aonuma’s comment a reality. The “Nintendo, Please Give Princess Zelda a Stronger Role” Facebook group aims to allow a place for fans to voice their passion for the idea, and hopefully contribute to gaining Aonuma’s attention. There are many discussions already active on the page you can partake in, but even a simple ‘Like’ can help out–it can build the statistic of fans in support of this, which is almost at 1,000 already.

The Zelda fan who started this page is none other than History of Hyrule‘s Melora, who also previously created the Facebook group to campaign for the release of the English version of Hyrule Historia. With that clearly being a success, she may well just end up also playing a part in supporting the release of a fantastic new game!

Source: Facebook (thanks Shona for the tip!)
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  • I like the idea of Zelda being playable, but I don't want an entire game revolving around her. Perhaps start out with a game half-played as Link, saving Zelda, and the other half is Zelda, who is escaping from Ganon.

    • Rofang

      Aren't we exercising a lack of imagination as fans if we always insist on Zelda being in a perpetual state of capture or nigh-capture? Is there really no better defining role/characteristic for her? (Arguably few games to date have given her one, but I'd say that's a precedent worth redefining.)

      • That was just an example. And it would take quite a few games to even out the statistic that in 11 / 16 games the Princess gets captured. (even if in

    • poop

      no. how bout a game where zelda saves link instead?

  • Gwydion

    If the game is good, I won't care who the playable character is. I'm happy people are passionate about Zelda, but I'm more concerned with them making a great game in general. If they think that great game should star Zelda, then I'm all for it. If not, then I'm all for that too.

    • Triforceoffury

      We should get to play as hylia so we can know about this war for the triforce it would be fresh and would not play like a typical zelda game because your contolling a goddess instead of a hero and nintendo has been avoiding talking about the war for years i'm eager to find out how thing exactly went down the back story of skyward sword would be a great starting point.

  • Misterfox

    Wow. You guys really, really want this to happen, don't you?
    I'm not complaining though. You (and those people) should just consider what a really sensitive topic this is and how easily it can go down the wrong way – especially by pushing it too hard.
    Like Gwydion said: Don't just make Zelda the protagonist for the sake of it; do it in a way that works. And if it doesn't, don't force it.

    • Chief_Arino

      To be fair, Link is just the protagonist "for the sake of it". He's usually just a random little kid who ends up in that situation. What if his uncle didn't have a lantern in a chest in his house in LttP? What if the guards of Hyrule Castle in OoT were actually competent enough to stop a (at that time) normal small child sneaking past them? Link is who he is not due to some higher meaning, but because they needed a male lead character and they made him look at traditional fairy tale-esque. That's it. His name even is purely there to refer to him being a link to the player. Typically, and I know a mythology has been built up around Link as the series progressed, but typically, the Princess of Hyrule would have a lot more sway over things than some random kid. Who will have more impact in a national crisis in the USA; Barack Obama or a random farmer from Virginia?

      • Vladislak

        That depends, was the US sieged by a nigh unstoppable Demon Lord that took Barack Obama hostage? This looks like a job for Clem the Virginian farmer, riding atop his trusty cow-steed!

        I like the idea that Zelda could feature in her own game, but your argument doesn't hold much water, as most games have all of Hyrule in the grip of war and darkness. The monarchy itself is in danger of being destroyed.

        At times like that I would say that yes, it is up to the average Joe to try and make a difference. When the government is crippled it's the little people who really make a difference.

        But whatever, I say go for it Nintendo!

      • MikeL

        Actually, you can skip getting the lantern in Link's house, it will be available elsewhere, so bad example.
        Link is not just some random dude, the series has made it clear that every incarnation of Link is the chosen hero by the gods who possess the triforce of courage.

    • Melora

      Things going the wrong way is always a risk. But I figure if something means a lot to you; it's worth trying 😉

    • yuuki

      imprison wars would work like a charm, since there is no link at all^^

  • Oh my god, I hadn't read this before I commented on Facebook. I'm, like I don't know- blushing. Thank you for you words and support! This concept means so much to me.

    • Much love, Melora! You are now the leader of the movement! 😀

      I want to do some artwork to help you out, but I'm having some money issues fixing my computer right now… You'll probably be able to out-paint me anyway though, so I suggest a fan-art spree to spur excitement!

      • I said 'probably' there, but I meant to type 'easily'!

  • Gonna transplant some of my ideas posted on the page to here:

    If she were the hero of the game that you play as, I wouldn't want her to just be a female Link.

    Make it a unique kind of game that plays up her strengths as a magic user and archer, keep the Link-ish swordplay light, set her apart from him as her own character archetype. Elegant, wise, careful, magical.

    OR make the gameplay focused around Sheik and ninja-style abilities. Wall running, acrobatics, needles, a chain whip, the unused dagger from the Brawl design? That would rock. Make the pace fast and fluid.

    You could also have a traditional style Zelda game with a sort of co-op spin where Link and Zelda/Sheik work together in tandem using their unique abilities to help each other progress. Think of Elika + the Prince in Prince of Persia 2008, or even Wolf Link + Midna in Twilight Princess!

    One last idea: Look to Resident Evil. There are different characters you can choose from, and they each experience a largely different (at least in 6) series of environments and story tidbits from each other in their respective campaigns, but they often intersect and help each other out from time to time.

    So you'll play through as Link and have a unique experience than if you played through as Zelda, and vice versa. Meanwhile they meet up occasionally, similar to how Sheik appeared to Link now and then in Ocarina of Time. (Heck, an Ocarina of Time side-story from Sheik's perspective has LOADS of potential!)

    But, really? Just have Zelda/Sheik play a more relevant, well-written, and interesting role in a Link-centric game, and that would have most fans overjoyed! 🙂

    Thank you for reading.

    • (continued)

      An OoT sidestory could expand the physical world beyond the boundaries we experienced from Link's perspective in the original game. All new areas, new insight into things like the Sages and Sheikah (something I've been dying to learn more about)… New boss battles, new dungeons that you interact with in new ways thanks to a unique gameplay style, and so on!

      I recall Sheik saves Ruto from being frozen in the ice with the rest of the Zora, so maybe we'll finally get to see how that happened? Maybe we'll get to -play- it.

      It would be fun seeing the NPCs be confused about Sheik's gender too. haha

      A little more stealth gameplay would be cool – either as Zelda escaping the dungeon she's trapped in at the beginning (maybe guided out by Impa, who afterward becomes her mentor?), or as Sheik sneaking around Moblin-littered fortresses.

      I love OoT and WW's stealth segments. They're puzzle-like in how you go about them, so it feels appropriate and adds a lot of tension. ALWAYS wanted them to play that up, and now we have a cool character/story based reason to!

      • Just to avoid being nitpicked: I'm aware she was not locked in a dungeon in the beginning of OoT. Which isn't to say it wouldn't be cool to have a dungeon escape partway through! Link has been captured and had to escape more than once, after all, so it would really just be an expansion of that concept, with lots more to it.

        But yeah, that bit wasn't meant to be lumped in with the OoT sidestory thing, it's just a general idea for any game starring Zelda. 🙂

        The thinking is that it's a reversal of the stereotype. So they kick off the game with the sentiment that Zelda is done being locked up and unable to act.

    • MikeL

      I'm really with you on the OoT sidestory. It could be an excellent opportunity to explain how the HoT was defeated and the decline timeline was created. I have always despised the idea that the decline timeline is an alternate "what if"-timeline instead of one that does exist parallel to the others. I have this wishful theory that the HoT failed because Sheik didn't give him the Light Arrow, or didn't help him at all, or whatever and then Sheik travelled back in time to correct this, effectively leaving the decline timeline and creating a new one that is subsequently split into the adult and child timelines after the HoT is successful in defeating Ganon.

  • Sacha

    Very up for this, as long as it's not a gimmick and Zelda is made to be every bit as strong a protagonist as Link!

  • decimo anonimo

    if they want to make Zelda be the central roll or at least, be a part of the story, they can make it in 3 points in time. Remeber that they once again, have created 3 new timelines:

    The one where Link defeats Demise in the future (present) and where most of Zelda games we've been playing since the begining.
    The other where Link defeats Demise in the past.
    And last one where Link is dead. The spirit of Zelda is devoured, losing her forever and Link sealed (probably forever too) inside the place where he fights Demise. This is the place of the bearer of the Triforce of Power. Wich may never know, since Nintendo looks like he have no idea what to do with it :S

    The first one is obviously after the events of Skyward Sword, in the past, where Demise is Defeated, Links is back to the future and Zelda may awake for start with the repopulation of this world. The spirit of the hero may appear or maybe never again, since the original spirit of the hero goes to the future.
    The second place is probably in the future (present) where they start to be involved also in the repopulation of the world, but here, she counts with Link, so they can be both interacting with each other.
    The third and last is at the very begining, where Zelda is still Hylia. Here we might meet the very, very first hero or at least how was he choocen as the hero, wich was under the direct orders of Hylia. Also we might get a glimpse of the bearer of the Triforce of Power, the original one. So as the first Sages, how was created the Goddess sword, why couldnt be finished, how the world was created, how the conflict begin and maybe even meet the Goddesses and be part of the great war. If here is the point, we might control an overpower Zelda, wich can cast magic, uses her sword, can cast magic with her harp and flies through the sky with her bird.

    The most probable place are those three and if you ask me, I want the place of Demise defeated in the past, because here, we can see Zelda grow and even see here learn magic and how she will defend in th4e future…. speaking of future. There is a very more bigger hunch, since Zelda might be with a book to her side to write stuf, history, magic, traditions, laws and more… so… this could posible be the perfect place, since she might be the one who wirte and made the book of Mudora and since there is the Wii U control, that could be perfect.

    Zelda could be a caster, healer, translator, strategist, scribe and even more. Ok, might sound like a secretary, but this rol I think fits her perfectly. But of course, she needs to become more competent, so she will need to learn to defend and fight for herself, also, be able to be controled at any moment need it or we wish for it. Also, she needs to be able to fight Negi, from the manga Negima. I dont like the idea of just trow magic and fight with you sword, put alittle of imagination there and her way to fight. But dont exagerate and transformer in Final Fantasy Advent Chldren… also, the camera for the action sequences dosnt need to be like that either

  • decimo anonimo

    Ah, sorry, mean she need to fight "LIKE" Negi, from the series Mahou Sensei Negima. Not fight him

  • Keimori

    I'd be up for a Zelda based Zelda game, It'd be neat to play the game from her perspective, perhaps a story were Ganondorf is successful and she quest to retake her kingdom. perhaps she could be a young Zelda, who has been raised by link who barely got away with her when Ganondorf struck.

    or A game were Zelda leads her men vanguard again the tide of Ganon's men.

    Infect having royal responsibility to rule and guide her country opens a whole lot of character options to play on story wise, a story were she's motivated by a need to protect Hyrule at all cost rather than saving after the fact could be very interesting indeed.

  • Hey, Listen!

    If the fans like it, if Aonuma likes it, why not? I like where this is going instead of asking "Give Zelda her own game!" it's now like " Expand Zelda's character" that's what I want too.

    According to me, the Zelda games have been moving in that direction since The Wind Waker, after that you had Skyward Sword ( and ST, but I never got my hands on that one), so why not take the next big step forward?
    You see, people are getting more and more attached to Zelda, her role is moving from rather minor to major, she has gained a deeper personality etc. etc.

    But call me conservative if you want, but I think the relationship between Link and Zelda should have a little distance for like, forever.

    Why? Because it's the distance that kept their relationship so interesting and alive for many years, even being called one of the best video game romances of all time.
    Be honest, having a her fall like a block for Link would just be plain stupid. Wouldn't it?

    I leave it for my imagination what happens post-game.

  • Hey, Listen!

    Hmmm, since we're talking about developing stronger characters here, I'd also like to see a new nemesis with a deeper personality.
    not like 'Wants power above anything else' that's just way to overused and also not really interesting.

    Learning the nemesis's motives throughout the game is really interesting. I still remember the moment that Ganondorf revealed his true motives at the end of WW, that was really entertaining.

    Something like Zant was, or Ghirahim, just as the ultimate nemesis of the game, not a Ganon to back them up. something unique and dark.

    How do you guys feel about it? Would it be interesting to have a new Nemesis alongside with a stronger Zelda character?

    Because really, if you don't want Zelda getting kidnapped over and over again you have to let Ganon go for a while or he'll have to change dramatically. Because he kidnaps her all the time.



    Second floor is not ALERT

    A sign in Kyoto airport

    • False

      The last part gave me a chuckle.

    • Why not just flesh out Ganondorf the same way we want Princess Zelda better fleshed out?

      I've always fancied the idea of a Ganondorf who is slowly becoming physically warped into a hideous monster by the Trident he gets. I imagine it makes him recoil deeper and deeper into the shadows throughout the game. With each cutscene, he hides his face and body behind more rags and cloaks and stays in the dark parts of the area. A wicked hand might reach out to gesture now and then, dark claws stretching from it's once-smooth fingertips. You see his eyes glowing in the dark, gradually with more and more intensity.

      So he hides his appearance out of horror of what is happening to him – but also, because he doesn't want Zelda to see him. Beauty and the Beast meets Dracula, I suppose. The beast falls for the maiden, but in a darker, even more starcrossed (for want of a more precise word) way. An untouchable flower. He knows he would wither her with how black his blood runs, but he wants to at least possess her in some way. Admire her at her brightest.

      In Wind Waker, the way Ganondorf keeps the captured Zelda resting peacefully in a beautiful bed surrounded by warm, pink, dream-like curtains could be a point of reference for his perspective of her. He watches over her, philosophizing, remembering things. It seems he has some sort of fondness or respect for a memory of her in a past incarnation to me.

      Perhaps in this new game, he tries to coax her into staying willingly by making her imprisonment less like a dungeon and more like a lush courtyard, full of warm, shimmering light, and singing birds, and glowing flowers. A place where she flourishes, but he dares never enter.

      I would love to see more tension, drama, and depth with the chemistry between Link, Ganondorf, and Zelda revolving around something like that.

      Honestly, I hope they just read this and steal it from me. I don't even need credit. I just want an epic story to experience in a Zelda game, rather than having to daydream hopelessly about it.

      • False

        A strong story would certainly refresh the Zelda series. Aonuma is currently looking for innovation. While a strong story isn't 'innovation' it certainly drives up the quality of an already amazing experience.

        I find stories in Zelda good, but i'd also like an occasional strong, under built plot twist, because most plot twists in any form of media are either completely unsuspected, or totally obvious.
        Instead of 'wow, I totally didn't see that coming' I'd like more of 'Why in the world couldn't I see that coming, it was so obvious!' those are the best twists.

        Of course, strong twists don't come out of thin air, neither does innovation. But it would be pretty sweet. 😀

    • Darthlicious

      Kind of like majora's mask?

  • disappointment

    Am I the only one that is totally against it? I don't mind making her playable in some parts of the game or making a spin-off where she is the protagonist, but if she gets a bigger role than Link or replaces him in a main Zelda game, I'm out. That's not the franchise I fell in love with.

    • False

      I don't think that's where this is going at all. And after reading your comment, it seems you aren't totally against giving zelda a bigger role.
      Keep in mind that it's not a Zelda only game most people are going for.

    • Melora

      Yeah, you might want to actually check out the page. Because what you said is not something that we are actually in disagreement on (well, the first sentence, yeah, but besides that 😉 I think replacing Link is one of the least mentioned things on the whole page. Different people have different ideas and reasons, obviously, I'm not saying I can speak for everyone but: One of the reasons I chose "Stronger" instead of just "Playable" is because I didn't want to give the outright impression that I, or most other people, just want to play as Zelda -like it's some gimmick or blow back. I've been playing as Link for 25 year, I love Link, I even love Ganon: because I love the trifecta. That's a huge core component for me. Its's that (and this is a generalized way of saying it) to many, MANY, people Zelda often comes off as getting the short end of the stick: and we see no good reason for that. And I'll say it over and over again, and I've said it there, and most people who support it have said it there: I would never want to see Link's role in the series truly diminished.

  • Nylena

    A “stronger role” doesn’t necessarily mean her own game, though. I wouldn’t mind seeing a game where she has a more prominent role.

  • Darthlicious

    I don't know, I think it wouldn't feel as much like zelda

  • Mikkelicious

    PLEASE NINTENDO! NO! no game buildt up around her, but a multiplayer splitscreen experience on the other hand; yes please!

  • Groosinator

    make a facebook page about giving groose his on game! i'd like it right away!

  • Drak

    Good lord, stop bothering Nintendo with that BS. Zelda isn’t meant to be a playable character and should never be.

    • Mind sharing why you think so?

  • Buttercup

    gosh, some people here are sexist towards Zelda! I would want her to be extremely playable for the rest of the Zelda series because it will be better than having a male dominated game! I mean seriously!

  • MikeL

    Zelda from the animated series was a kick-ass warrior, let's put her in a game, Nintendo. *jk*

  • Kamille Bidan

    when was the last time Nintendo gave a single f**k about what their fans want? This is pointless. =/