While playing Skyward Sword and Super Mario Galaxy, you probably realized that Gratitude Crystals and Star Bits shared an uncanny resemblance. Did You Know Gaming has now made it clear where these similarities began. These objects weren’t inspired by shooting stars or a science fiction form of solid gratitude but rather a delicious candy.

Known as konpeitō, this type of rock candy has a course sugar core that is coated in a colorful sugar syrup. The sweat treat originated in Portugal but was brought to Japan in the 16th century and is still popular today. In fact, it is possible to purchase these delights from a local Asian market or from online retailers.

Source: Did You Know Gaming (via GoNintendo)
  • DramaLlama

    That's weird because I finished watching a Mail Time With Smosh and they died eating this candy….

  • K2L

    They were in Spirit Tracks too.

  • Craig

    They used the same model for the Gratitude Crystals from Super Mario Galaxy, just made them more pale and less reflective.

  • kkl

    The whole game looked like candy so it's not a big surprise.

  • There is an asian market close to where I live. I've been there a couple of times, but the next time I will have to keep my eyes peeled for these little gems! They look tasty.

  • AfO

    Revives and Max Revives from Pokémon are also based of Konpeito 🙂