In an interview with Nintendo Life, Eija Aonuma has stated that the visual style of the  next Zelda instalment on Wii U will be neither realistic nor cartoony. He says that the game’s graphics will be “something new”, possibly suggesting an art style that we haven’t seen before in a Zelda game.

“The thing about Zelda is we want everything to be unique, whether it’s the graphical presentation or the gameplay,” he said. “It has to be something you can’t see anywhere else. We wouldn’t want it to be ultra-realistic because you can see that elsewhere. But I can’t say that it’s going to be cartoony-realistic, the fantastic presentation that we’ve already done in the past [with Wind Waker].

“It will be something new.”

Source: Nintendo Life
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  • I bet it's going to be sketchy, kind of like Okami.

    • Mr. Man

      That would be sweet!

    • Triforceoffury

      In other words we have no idea how the next zelda will look thanks for nothing Anouma

  • Nielyboyken

    If it's like the picture it's ok for me! 😛

    • heroofmask

      the picture is more ultra realistic so its out of the question

  • Vladislak

    Well now I'm REALLY interested! I wonder what it could be?

    Actually that would be pretty freaking sweet. I love Okami!

  • heroofmask

    atlease there saying right now not to expect what u see in the picture and demo showing off the power of the wiiu so that should die down some people going it going to be just like that

  • RPH1

    Picasso? Van Gogh? DeVinci? I don't care what style they use next. Unless it is the same Link is a sequel, like ALTTP, LA, OOA, OOS, and ALBW have the same boy and look similar. It's the same with WW, PH, and ST & OOT and MM. I have no doubt it will be the best game of the year that it is released.

  • Hylian_Knight

    I hope one day they DO an ultra realistic Zelda though…I want it sooo bad! ;_; I'm really curious now though….

  • moderatelytoasty

    That's not what I wanna hear… I want HD Zelda 😐

    • sanguiluna

      Who said it won't be HD? All they said was that it wasn't going to be too realistic or cartoony. If you want an HD Zelda, Wind Waker is coming to Wii U later this year. 🙂

    • Kalek

      I don't think HD means what you think it means…

    • Montoya

      You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

      • Kenzi

        Hahaha, references to Princess Bride. Love it!

  • KidWiththeBackpack

    Good, I don't want ultra realistic. That's like 90% of games out there anyway.

  • DarkOwl

    Is "cartoony-realistic" (as in the title of this article) a typo? I'm guessing you just meant "cartoony", as I'm struggling to visualise how such a hybrid cartoony-realistic style might look!

    • uncreative realism

      Play Skyward Sword or Ocarina of Time. That will give you a hint.

  • Kenzi

    I think it would be really cool if they did a very realistic Zelda, just for a change. Like the kind that looks like you're watching a movie. But I do hope it looks similar to the picture, because those screenshots look beyond gorgeous.

  • Vonter

    Yarn style, STOP MOTION, 3D dot heroes, cubism, vector (mad world style), crayon (yoshi island style). I wonder how deep can the trend go since this sounds like they'll only step up the style the use in SS.