This morning at Nintendo’s E3 Nintendo Direct presentation, we were treated to a brand new trailer, and a final name, for the upcoming game The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Most of the footage in the trailer is new, and there are new details we can glean from the video.

We’ll take an in-depth look at everything in the latest trailer after the jump.

If you haven’t already seen the trailer, take a look!

To anyone who is familiar with A Link to the Past (and I am extremely familiar) it’s easy to place all of the locations that appear in the trailer. A Link Between Worlds and A Link to the Past take place in the same Hyrule, so it is fitting that a lot of the locations have remained more-or-less the same. There are subtle differences, but it’s easy for a veteran to understand exactly where Link is exploring.


The trailer begins with Link leaving a house, presumably the house he and his uncle live in. Regardless, this is definitely the house where Link lived in A Link to the Past. The house itself is only visible for a split second at the very beginning of the trailer, so it’s easy to miss.


Link hops down the cliff outside his house and battles a nearby guard. The guards have the same look as the castle guards in A Link to the Past. In A Link to the Past, the guards were brainwashed by Agahnim, causing them to attack Link, but Agahnim and Ganon were defeated, so why are the guards once again pursuing the hero?

This is also the first glimpse we have of Link’s weapon in this trailer. As was noted in the original trailer from this past spring, the sword Link is using is clearly the Master Sword.

In addition, the area south of Link’s house, known as the Great Swamp, is blocked off by two stones. It’s not clear if these stones can be lifted (like the large stones in A Link to the Past) or if these boulders are blown away with bombs.

albw3Next, the scene changes and we see Link entering the Eastern Palace. The palace itself looks the same as it did in A Link to the Past, but the insides are not shown. A Link Between Worlds features all new dungeons, but after previously (in the first trailer from this spring) seeing what is presumably the Tower of Hera, and now seeing the Eastern Palace, it appears that some of the dungeons (if not all) are in the same locations as before.

Even if the locations are the same, it’s clear that the insides of each dungeon are different.

albw5A descendant of the sages, Sahasrahla, was hiding directly west of the Eastern  Palace in A Link to the Past inside a small hut. Sahasrahla’s hideout is still present, but the entrance appears to be blocked by a statue of some sort. There were Armos near Sahasrahla’s hideout in A Link to the Past, so it’s possible that the statue is simply an Armos waiting to be brought to life.

Curiously, there are rupees scattered around the hideout. Finding rupees scattered around the floor of hidden rooms inside dungeons is normal for a Legend of Zelda game, but it is a bit strange to see so many individual rupees hidden in plain sight on the overworld.

albw6 This area is just north of the large white bridge to the east of Link’s house. Here, Link has used a spin attack, a classic Legend of Zelda ability originally introduced in A Link to the Past, to cut nearby bushes and to attack an octorok. As always, there are rupees and hearts to be found in the bushes.

The octorok is more interesting. While it is likely nothing more than a death animation (octoroks do not normally survive more than one sword strike), the octorok has flipped over and you can see its tentacles.

albw7Here, Link uses the Magic Hammer to smash wooden stakes into the ground and collect a piece of heart. This piece of heart is hidden near the Eastern Palace and Sahasrahla’s (former) hideout. You can clearly see that using the Magic Hammer to smash the stakes has caused some of the purple stamina meter to deplete.

Using items makes the stamina meter deplete, but unlike the magic meter from A Link to the Past, the stamina meter gradually refills while not in use.


Next, we see Link use the Magic Hammer to stun a castle guard and then quickly attack the guard with the bow and arrow. You can see that using the Magic Hammer (he uses it multiple times in the video) and the bow and arrow has caused Link to deplete almost all of his stamina meter.

Nearby, you can see a buzz blob in the bushes, and an octorok’s stone (shot from its mouth) is visible to the right of the guard.


To the east of the large white bridge there is a narrow strip of grass that leads south towards Lake Hylia. A zora has attacked Link with a fireball, but he has blocked the attack with his shield.

The shield appears to be a manual item that works similarly to the shields found in previous handheld titles like Link’s Awakening and The Minish Cap. In A Link to the Past, the shield was automatic and would block anything Link was facing.

Nearby, you can see a sand crab roaming around.


After blocking the zora’s attack, Link retaliates with the legendary Fire Rod. The Fire Rod was first introduced in A Link to the Past, and has only appeared in one other game, Four Swords Adventures. The Fire Rod can be used to burn foes and light torches from a distance.

albw11Next, we see the Magic Hammer in action again. This time, it is in the Tower of Hera. This is the same dungeon that Nintendo revealed this past spring. Here, Link is using the Magic Hammer to smash a cracked floor and fall to a lower area. You can see that the Magic Hammer creates a small shockwave.

The original Magic Hammer (which appeared in A Link to the Past) did not create a shockwave. This feature was borrowed from Four Swords Adventures, but the shockwave appears to be much more subtle.

albw12North of where Link was fighting the zora, there is a cave entrance blocked by large rocks. Link gives us the first glimpse of bombs in A Link Between Worlds as he reopens the cave.

It’s worth noting, that the same cave appears in A Link to the Past, and it contains a Great Fairy…

albw13…and the cave still contains a Great Fairy in A Link Between Worlds. The Great Fairy room is identical to the room in A Link to the Past, and the Great Fairy still heals your wounds. The Great Fairy shown in the trailer does not bestow any gifts (like the Great Fairies often do in newer titles), but we don’t know if that is the case for all Great Fairies.

albw14Next, we return to the area surrounding the Eastern Palace. Now, Link is using his bow and arrow to activate crystal switches on the overworld. Puzzle elements, like crystal switches, were not present on the overworld in A Link to the Past. Looking at The Legend of Zelda series as a whole, adding puzzle elements to the overworld has become increasingly common (especially in Skyward Sword).

albw15Activating both crystal switches causes a treasure chest to appear. We do not see the contents of the treasure chest in the trailer, but Link jumps down the cliff to retrieve the treasure. Each time Link jumps down a cliff (or springs up to a higher level), you can see the character model move towards the screen.

Similar effects were used in Four Swords Adventures, but they will be made more profound by the 3D capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS.

albw16The next portion of the trailer shows off Link’s new ability, merge. Link is able to “merge” with the wall to become a 2D drawing. As a drawing, Link can access areas that were previously unreachable and clear obstacles. In the first clip in the Tower of Hera, Link uses merge to walk around a wall while traveling on a moving platform.

albw17When Link reaches the other side of the wall, he exits to become normal again and continue traveling on the moving platform.

albw18We again see Link using merge. This time, he is using it to reach a piece of heart. This area appears to once again be near the Eastern Palace, but it is a little odd that two pieces of heart as so close to each other. My assumption is that when you first visit the area, one or both of the pieces of heart are unreachable and you must return to grab the second (that is of course just a theory).

albw19The trailer returns to the Tower of Hera once more to show us Link using merge to ride up a moving block to reach a higher floor.

albw20And the trailer closes with Link fighting Moldorm. You can clearly see the sword beam firing from the Master Sword while Link is at full health.

That’s it for the trailer. We saw a lot of the same areas, but aside from the footage in the Tower of Hera, they are all areas we had not seen before. Even though this is the same Hyrule present in A Link to the Past, there are still a lot of questions to be answered about the game. Who is the villain and what is the “dark world” said to be present? There is still a lot of mystery surrounding A Link Between Worlds, but we won’t have to wait long, the game is scheduled for released before the end of this year.












  • justin

    what happened to the good zelda games like the windwaker and twilight princess and ocarina of time, majoragas mask like ?? come the 3DS crap is terrible , shows lazyness.

    • miguel

      are you just insane or a new-era zelda gamer ?

      calling wind waker adn twilight princess better than a link to the past ?
      this game is reviving the lost legacy of zelda

      • Miyamoto

        his name is "justin" please forgive him

      • someone

        Its called an OPINION. If someone thinks wind waker and twilight princess are better than a link to the past there is nothing wrong with that cause its a matter of personal opinion. Ive been playing zelda games for most of my life and I'm a huge fan but I also prefer those games to a link to the past.

        • Chris

          Ya dude, we know what an Opinion is haha, but hes obviously an inexperienced Zelda Trilogy gamer if he thinks that wind waker is better than A LTTP. Wind Waker is one of the top 5 worst if you look at my list. Although I agree with him about the 3ds being a crappy system to play Zelda games on, hes totally wrong about the older Zelda games being some of the greatest. even though I loved twilight princess…

          • Chris

            and when I say hes wrong about the older Zelda games being the greatest, im saying that the older Zelda games are the greatest of all time. not sure if that was clear or not…

      • Chris

        Actually, I agree with Justin. although he's incorrect about wind waker being put onto the list of better Zelda games, he is correct about the 3DS being crappy. I think Zelda games should stick to consoles and away from handhelds. And if you want to play a link to the past, then play the original version that's a total classic, not this shitty 3DS game. and btw, I think Twilight Princess is in the top 5 best Zelda games. And Ocarina Of Time is debatably the best installment of all time, but hey that's just my opinion.

    • El Rocky Raccoon

      You're probably one of those people who never played the older Zelda games, and only digged into Ocarina of Time and later titles.

      A Link to the Past was, and still is, one of the best Zelda games of all times. It is thanks to this game alone that Ocarina of Time was so successful. Respect the classics, man.

  • Steph

    Awwwwww yeah!!! Can't wait!!! Nostalgia!

  • jimbo_zelda_fan

    Sequel to the best game of all time!!!!

    Also Justin, you're an idiot.

  • Jumanji

    Nostalgia will destroy gaming as we know it.

    • Trumpetguy76

      no. i'm sorry have you seen what the loss of nostalgia has done to such series as Final Fantasy. Enix is only concerned with cheating the public and making money. FF XIII has lost what Final Fantasy was all about. Was XIII a bad game? NO! it was a fantastic game. it wasn't, however, a Final Fantasy game. do i like the new zelda games? yes quite a bit. but saying handheld zelda is shit just because it's on a handheld doesn't make it bad. in fact the Oracle Games were fantastic.

      I think the issue isn't with Nostalgia. it's with new era gamers who can't respect the classics because it doesn't look good or feel the same way. gamers who grew up with the first generation of the series love the old and the new unless they pull a S.E. Gamers who start with the newer games within a series generally hate the older ones and are often blinded by what's new.

  • RPH1

    This trailer made me smile.

  • genjy

    Link vs Hamburgers

  • Josh

    This game is going to be amazing. A little disappointed about the exact same map though. I know a link to the pasts map like the back of my hand, so the sense of exploration will not exist in this game unfortunately. But that is a minor complaint over shadowed by what I think will be the best game of the year.!!

    • Majoraismywifey

      That's what they want us to think. Don't worry

  • DarkOwl

    I think the name is great, and I really like the consistency in the artwork in the first pic with those of the ALttP days. (But, why is his sword and shield the same as those from OoT???)

    My only suggestion for Ninty is to make a better logo. This reflected triforce logo sucks.

    • sanguiluna

      You never know, maybe the "Dark Triforce" logo is a foreshadowing of something in the plot.

      • AguaLetsCospay

        I believe Mr.Miyamoto or Anouma said something about a dark Triforce… You know they put that thing there on purpose.

  • Smurph

    This looks amazing!! LttP is my FAVORITE Zelda game – can't wait to get my hands on this!!

  • ALL of the Zelda games are amazing and deserve respect.

    • Aaron

      Except Phantom Hourglass that fuckin sucked

  • averlus

    man I wish we could see at least ONE shot of the dark world!! I can't handle the wait!!

  • sanguiluna

    ."And the Master Sword sleeps again… FOREVER"


  • ynony

    I never liked the hammer in Link to the Past, so I'm glad the screenshots seem to show the hammer as looking more like the one from Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. And if I'm not mistaken, I'm pretty sure the fire rod was also in the last dungeon of Link's Awakening.

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  • Vonter

    I didn't like the look of the original and don't like the look of the new one. I'll play it if the challenge is on par, since this Zelda had some of the hardest bosses the series ever had.

  • Chris

    Personally, my list of the best Zelda games goes like this:
    1. Ocarina Of Time; Revolutionized the Zelda Trilogy
    2. The Original Link to the Past; A classic and really sunk into the hearts of gamers
    3. Majora's Mask; Easily one of the darkest of the trilogy
    4. Twilight Princess; amazing graphics, very epic, and an all around great quest
    5. Links Awakening; Exploration made you want to continue playing.
    The Worst five go accordingly, with 1 being the worst.
    1. The Phantom Hourglass; completely sucked. don't know WTF they were thinking.
    2. Spirit Tracks; same as the hourglass, it just sucked.
    3. The Original Legend of Zelda; Although it was a great game for its time, it cant live up to what came after and just falls behind standards.
    4. Wind Waker; Even though it had good intention, it didn't fit in with the story line, and wasn't good enough to be a Zelda game.
    5. Skyward Sword; A complete disappointment. It was an all around good game, with good graphics and fun gameplay, but it wasn't a true Zelda trilogy game, and it just didn't fit in with the rest.

    • Bret

      you are completely wrong about wind waker it was a deffinite great game by all means!!!! 🙂 im sure any true zelda fan will agree!

    • James

      I don't think you know what trilogy means… (A group of THREE (3) related novels, plays, films, operas, games, or albums). IE: The Dark Knight Trilogy (Batman).

  • Chris

    Looks awesome. I'll have to play it on my kids 3DS!

  • Matthew

    it is more like paper mario!