Earlier today we received our first glimpse of Mario Kart 8, the next installment of the Mario Kart series which will be released for the Wii U in the spring of 2014.

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Mario Kart 8 implements the concept of anti-gravity, allowing racers to drive up and down walls and on the underside of spiraling tracks.  Features such as flying with gliders, driving under water, and riding motorcycles return from Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart Wii. As expected, Mario Kart 8 will feature online multiplayer modes and have Miiverse integration.

As seen today in the E3 Nintendo Direct, new tracks will be available that will split into two layered spirals and contain many hidden tracks and paths. Some of the new courses shown were a Mushroom Kingdom track, a Boo’s house track, a candy- and dessert-themed track, and a town track inspired by San Francisco, complete with a trolley system that players must avoid collisions with.

MarioKart8d MarioKart8c MarioKart8b

Source: Nintendo Direct
  • Nielyboyken

    Nice! 😛

    When comes the next episode btw? ;O

  • RPH1

    This is Beautiful! I hope we can choose whether we do the coin collecting or balloon popping in the battle mode.

  • Leon

    I have seen this anti-gravity thing before in CTR series (Crash Team Nitro Kart) the carts look the same way when they go anti-gravity mode skip to 4:30

    • thats actually pretty spot on, to exactly what MK8 looks like, but of course, MK8 just looks WAY better!

      • wesmoen

        Dude, you're comperasion a 6th console generation game with an 8th console generation game. That's not really fair….