Wind Waker HD

Nintendo have now announced the release date for the upcoming Wind Waker HD, with the game releasing worldwide on October 2013.

The first ever video footage of the game was shown during today’s E3 Nintendo Direct broadcast, showing off the beautifully remastered cel-shaded visuals in crisp, colourful high-definition. If you missed it, we will update this post very soon with the footage–stay tuned!

Some brand new features and additional content were also revealed, including a boost button while sailing, refined textures, and 1080p visuals. Another new feature present in this game is the Tingle Bottle–after writing a message and putting it in the bottle, you can cast the bottle away in the ocean, and that message will be sent to Miiverse. Messages can also include screenshots taken with the in game Pictograph. Tingle Bottles will also wash up on the shores of other players’ games and can be retrieved to read the messages.

Hit the jump for screenshots, more details, official art, and the first ever trailer!


Here is your very first look at The Wind Waker HD!

Judging by this new trailer, items used when sailing (such as the cannon,  the Wind Waker, and salvaging crane) will now be easily available by using the d-pad; furthermore, the Wind Waker will be available at all times by pressing up on the d-pad.

Update x2:

Official artwork and high resolution screenshots have been released.













Sources: Nintendo DirectYouTube
  • David

    Incredibly disappointing nintendo direct. No word on 3D mario, which I was really looking forward to, Mario Kart 8 is almost identical to Mario Kart 7, but with bikes and a crappy little gimmick I'm already bored of, and no word of a new Zelda. Nintendo seriously have to up their game. Is that it? Is that what I've been looking forward to for weeks?

    • I was pretty happy to see new Pokemon and Smash Bros. information. I wasn't expecting much Zelda. They're trying to keep us happy with wind waker U and the new ALTTP for 3DS. And to be honest, I can be satisfied with that for now. 🙂

      • David

        I was expecting at least to see some visuals, an update on how development was going, at least SOMETHING. Nintendo really isn't doing great at the moment, you'd have thought they'd be trying to make their Nintendo Direct as strong as possible, and the thing most of us are probably looking forward to most wasn't even mentioned. I wasn't expecting anything major, but I was expecting something. I'm personally not a fan of Pokemon or smash bros, although the latter does look good, so that didn't appease me much. Meanwhile we've effectively got a Super Mario 3D land port instead of something original like Galaxy and almost a carbon copy of Mario Kart 7, but with bikes and antigravity.

        The Wind Waker looks great though! Easily the highlight of an otherwise lackluster ND.

        • Bicentennial_Pidgeon

          It's not a port of 3d land, just the same style.

    • Gavolu

      Did you even watch it?

  • David

    (edit) My mistake on the 3D mario, although I'm assuming that this can't be the successor to the sunshine-64-galaxy series, right? This is just a for of Super Mario 3D land with some added multiplayer.

  • Nunya BIdness

    Hey! Look!

    Check out the boat scenes!

    You can see a button on one screen that says ‘Normal’
    and the button on another says ‘Fast’!
    Super-speed boat confirmed!

    Has it been officially confirmed that this would be a new mechanic? I can’t be the first to notice.

    Also, the grappling hook icon changes while at sea. It looks like the crane while in the boat!

  • Timmy

    This doesn't look much different than the Gamecube version. Where are the enhanced visuals?

    • Bicentennial_Pidgeon

      I think that's your nostalgia talking.

      Look at some screenshots, this is worlds better looking.

    • mcdude910

      I spy someone who's never played the GameCube version.

  • Link

    it does look like the old game was just taken to HD. it has an interesting glow, and a few things do look somewhat better. but it looks like other than that everything is the same. I hope they add in another big island with people on it. like replace one of those tiny ones.

  • Canyarion

    For an HD update it looks amazing. And I’m so glad they’re making all these small improvements!
    Did you notice using the grappling hook now only takes 1 second as opposed to 4? You can save more pictures, changing the wind direction doesn’t take so long… all small but important changes.

    What were you guys expecting? How could you make this world look even better. By giving everything hair? It wouldn’t suit the style. By giving all the stones, leaves and branches incredibly detailed textures? Won’t suit the style. By making the water clear instead of cell-shaded? No!!

    This looks like it will do more than OoT 3D did. And you all swallowed that just fine.

  • brian torres


  • Ivan

    I absolutely loved it. The fast sailing was pretty good, although I personally loved the sailing in the original one. Also I like how many items you can have a the same time. Also, Aonuma mentioned in the Wii U developer direct that the triforce quest has been fixed. He doesn´t mention how, but that it makes the story flow much better. I am very excited to see what is that all about. I would love if they add the cut dungeons from the original one and maybe add some bigger islands…

  • justin

    what happened to the good nintendo? id rather play my n64 from the 90's and play good games then this 3DS crap , it looks like its made for toddlers with the overhead veiw… screams lazy , the twilight princess was the closest thing to a modern zelda game as i wanna go after years of this gameboy styled stuff .

    • Soeroah

      Think you posted on the wrong newspost..

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  • Reedy

    Nintendo are going the same way as sega.
    At this rate id say they will be bust or in sony and microsofts pocket by 2023

    • Alonzo

      Nintendo going down? Nintendo being in Sony/Microsoft's pockets? Lol.. first of all, Microsoft nearly killed themselves with the Xbox One, only relevant ones are Nintendo and Sony. You do realize that Nintendo is the most innovative company out of the three? The most unique? The most creative? And the most fun?

      Nintendo's winning.

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  • ben

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