As showcased earlier during the E3 Nintendo Direct, The Wind Waker HD will be featuring stunning new 1080p visuals, the return of Tingle, and a few new aspects that have been recently discussed by Eiji Aonuma during one of Nintendo’s Developer Directs. With six minutes of discussion, Aonuma had much more to tell regarding The Wind Waker HD, which will be releasing this October.

Take the jump to learn many new details and to watch the video!

Blue Skies and Sunlight

With the advancement of high definition graphics, The Wind Waker HD achieves a feeling of an endless blue sea and sky that generates a vast, open world; the horizon seems to blend between the ocean and sky. The sunlight and glowing effects provide a sense of realism to a cartoon world and allow the player to get a feel for the temperature from the sun beating down on them.

New GamePad Controls

The Wind Waker HD will make full use of the abilities and controls of the GamePad and will be completely playable on just the GamePad. Now when playing the game directly on the GamePad, you can control the Wind Waker using the power of touch to direct the baton. It is also important to note that it is no longer necessary to re-watch Link conduct a song, i.e. you can directly take control of the wind right after you finish entering the notes for the Wind’s Requiem.

The gyroscope will also be utilized and allow the player to aim and look around while using various items; however, one may also play using the left and right control sticks, which allows players to use a style that is familiar to them.

Sailing Speed

In the Game Cube version of The Wind Waker loading the vast ocean took some time; therefore, the speed of sailing was slow to compensate for this; on the other hand, the Wii U has the power to load the entire ocean at once. Thus, in The Wind Waker HD Link has the ability to go much faster while sailing; however, there’s a catch to this feature. Players won’t unlock this feature until some time later in the game, which will allow them to appreciate it.

Improvements From the Original

Aonuma explained that gathering the pieces of the Triforce at the end of the original game seemed tedious and cumbersome. When playing the game for himself he even felt the game ended abruptly and wanted the game to flow more smoothly. He didn’t specifically say how this has been fixed, but he alluded to ideas that completing the game will make the player feel accomplished and that small changes will allow for smoother game play.

You can watch the interview in it’s entirety below!

However, a Developer Direct for the other Zelda game that was shown at E3, A Link Between Worldswas not published, so stay tuned for any new details that may be released!

Source: YouTube
  • RPH1

    I like how they use the +control pad and the ABXY buttons to assign items so you can have boating and land items equipped at the same time. I don't understand the Tingle bottle thing. Will we still have maps and Tingle shop items?

    When I 1st saw the gameplay footage on the Nintendo Direct, I gasped.

    • Bob

      The Tingle Bottle replaces the Tingle Tuner which you got form him when you first found the little guy.

      Safe to assume we'll still be getting everything from him on his island.

  • Vonter

    That sunlight, you're overdoing it.

    • Soap

      Actually it looks like they toned it done some from the initial screenshots. This is a perfect amount.

  • Josh

    Noooo, sunlight amazing, windwaker, must have windwaker hd …………..it will be mine, o yes, it will be mine.

  • Pivotguy

    They've got all the processing power of the Wii U and they still don't fix the splashing animation in front of the boat.
    And I don't see how the open ocean was "enhanced" by blurring the heck out of the horizon.
    Still worth it though.

    • Greg

      I would assume the style of the splash is intentional. It fits with the cartoon-like graphics of the game.

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