The ZU Podcast is back, and this time we’ve moved to video format and will be uploading all of our podcasts on our YouTube channel! We’ll also continue to upload audio versions, but you may miss some video aspects of episodes, such as gameplay footage or Hombre’s cool sunglasses.

Hit the jump for the YouTube version of the podcast, or you can find the audio version on iTunes here.

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  • Chris Byerly

    Not gonna lie. I want to work for Zelda Universe now. Podcastin' with those two lovely ladies, sign me up!

  • Canyarion

    I don’t worry about the lack of classic E3 key note. This is why:

    E3 started out as a show for the industry. Publishers, investors, retailers, press.
    Then more and more gamers got interested… and the keynotes ‘had to’ adapt to the new public. You know the boring stuff in each keynote? The amount of house wives that bought Wii Fit? The blue ocean strategy, the PR talks? They’re all meant for the original public. And at those parts the gamers think “GAAAH just get to the new GAMES!”

    Now Nintendo decided to split it up. A Nintendo Direct for the gamers, a (smaller scale) keynote for the industry. Perfect.

    Oh, I don’t think a remake of NES will ever work. It will be so different from the original, it would be silly to call it a remake.

  • lulles

    I like having to do a lot of things before getting to each dungeon too. I like dungeons but I don't play Zelda just because of them, so.

    I also liked the video podcast ouo You can talk about Zelda U after it's revealed at E3 (well, that's an obvious suggestion).