There is nothing like that moment in a Zelda game when you run into Ganondorf. It evokes an intense feeling of challenge, and sometimes fear! So what if you were to run into hundreds of his personage at the same time? Well, these pictures may make you want to run away from your computer. First 4 Figures has begun selling incredibly detailed replicas of Ganondorf from Twilight Princess. Along the way, we got a hold of some production images of a bunch of Ganondorfs all chilling side by side. Read on to view a more comprehensive picture of this scene!


If nothing else, this is pretty cool. If you ever find yourself in possession of a large amount of money, you can purchase a Ganondorf figure for the sum of $450 right here. While a bit pricey, the detail on these figures would no doubt be superb! Just hope that you never have to fight this many Ganondorfs at one time in a future Zelda title. To play the psychiatrist for a moment, how do these pictures make you feel?

Source: First 4 Figures
Via: Tiny Cartridge