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Last year, we witnessed the release of Figma’s impressive Skyward Sword Link figurine. Good news for all of you who missed pre-orders or held off on paying the absurd eBay prices–Figma Link is now headed to the US!

Online retailers Big Bad Toy Store and Anime Island have listed both the Skyward Sword Link figure and a Metroid Samus figure to release in the fourth quarter of 2013. This will be a completely new production run, and previous licensing issues preventing an official American release have now been resolved. You can pre-order now for $49.99 at Big Bad Toy Store or $46.89 at Anime Island.

Source: Big Bad Toy Store (via Tomopop)
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  • KidWiththeBackpack

    I want that other SS Link figurine to come to the US! I like that one so much better. 😛

  • Damian

    Already got mine from Japan, cost a bajillion dollars!

  • Dave

    What Damian said… $115…. Gah!

  • Keaton

    $115…! You can buy figmas for like $40 from places like Amiami and HLJ. Shipping varies, but a figma will never cost more than like $80 unless you pay for something other than like, EMS.

  • Kohichi

    Awesome! The only Link of the whole Zelda series that isn't left-handed now cheap as a figure, looking forward to buying this 😀

  • Salokin

    I'm actually very excited about the Samus figure. I made the mistake of asking for the $70 Samus figure for christmas instead of buying it myself. By the time Christmas came and I saw it wasn't under the tree it was over $200 on ebay because the second release was already sold out. I'm definitely going to take advantage of the 3rd release. I love my Link figure I got from them.

  • Louise B

    Any news on stores in the United Kingdom selling it?

  • Ballordie

    Thank god i held off in buying the figurine on ebay!!! Charging an arm and a leg shit !!! Pre-ordered 2 of these babies already!!!

  • lol

    i want one PREORDER

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  • anon

    thx for sharing that, reallyy
    guess you're dyin' for me to click on that link, huh?