Wind Waker HD

UK online retailer The Hut has something very interesting in its listing for The Wind Waker HD: a release date. The website recently added an October 15th release date to its listing. Is this simply a placeholder, or do they perhaps know something we don’t?

It’s very much more likely to be the former, before anyone gets too excited. Still, it seems pretty specific to be just a placeholder date – most other retailers opt for “December 31st” to be safe. Also, it’s worth considering that, in the UK, games usually release on Fridays. October 15th is a Tuesday. Only when games receive a simultaneous worldwide release are they released on Tuesdays in Europe. This means that, if there is any truth to this rumour, this date could very well apply to you non-UK citizens.

Source: The Hut (via My Nintendo News)
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  • WindsOfChange

    Kay, so…having the Gamecube and Wii and a DS Lite, I thought that there would be no more reason to get updated Nintendo systems. Obviously, I was dead wrong. Seeing the graphics of Ocarina of Time 3D not to mention the reverse-perspective Master Quest in it AND the prospects of A Link to the Past 2 and Wind Waker in glorious high definition, plus the untitled Zelda game that they have cooking over in Nintendo's servers, and just as an addition which I'm sure I'll get thumbs downs for, Pokemon X and Y, it makes me look forward to what the Wii U and 3DS have to offer. If Nintendo is releasing titles en masse in October, which would be good for those shopping for Christmas and the like, then I hope against hope that that little part of Hut's website is really the worldwide release date. If not, oh well. I'll just bide my time surfing the high seas in my standard definition Wind Waker until the HD version hits the shelves. And, as an afterthought, if any employees of Nintendo are reading this, please do us all a favor and release an updated Majora's Mask for the 3DS. Ya know, ya keep re-releasing the other Zelda games that were on the Game Boy, GB Color, and the GBA, so, why not? Betcha people will buy it. Just like they'll buy the HD Wind Waker.

    • RockyRaccoon11

      I HIGHLY recommend a 3DS. The lineup for this year alone is huge! Not to mention the VC and DS backwards compatibility.

  • KidWiththeBackpack

    Oh god I hope it's the actual release date! I'm so excited for Wind Waker HD, and I have promised myself not to play Wind Waker again until it comes out.

  • Topaz Mutiny

    That's interesting, because I've been hearing Fall/October release for the game for a couple of weeks now. I'm willing to believe that the release date is as the retailer suggests. I mean, as an HD version of a game that already exists, apart from a few gameplay tweaks here and there, it probably has a very short dev time.

    • WindsOfChange

      Having played the Batman Arkham games for the PS3 (follow me for a second) My eyes had to adjust to the seemingly fuzzy nature of the Gamecube Wind Waker game. If Nintendo is doing to Wind Waker what they did to Ocarina of Time, which they most likely are, yeah, October seems like the right month to release Wind Waker HD. I wonder what other features they'll add to it?