Wind Waker HD

UK online retailer The Hut has something very interesting in its listing for The Wind Waker HD: a release date. The website recently added an October 15th release date to its listing. Is this simply a placeholder, or do they perhaps know something we don’t?

It’s very much more likely to be the former, before anyone gets too excited. Still, it seems pretty specific to be just a placeholder date – most other retailers opt for “December 31st” to be safe. Also, it’s worth considering that, in the UK, games usually release on Fridays. October 15th is a Tuesday. Only when games receive a simultaneous worldwide release are they released on Tuesdays in Europe. This means that, if there is any truth to this rumour, this date could very well apply to you non-UK citizens.

Source: The Hut (via My Nintendo News)
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