Those of you who have been avid Zelda Universe readers for a while will remember that we partnered with popular YouTuber Chuggaaconroy in 2011 during his playthrough of Majora’s Mask, and before that, The Wind Waker. We are happy to announce that we will be once again collaborating with him, this time to produce a Link’s Awakening Let’s Play/video guide. Over the course of the Let’s Play, we will be updating regularly with interesting Link’s Awakening facts, art and features.

To start us off, here is a cool trick that can be performed on the player select screen of Link’s Awakening if you insert your name as “ZELDA”. Hit the jump to watch the video.

Have a favorite Link’s Awakening trick or memory you’d like us to share? Tell us in the comments – we might just post it.

  • Walking through walls glitch. By pressing select while going into the next room can make you pass through walls.

  • Darko_Hexar

    Wasn't there a trick with the boomerang and the rooster? I think you threw the boomerang, picked up the rooster, and then the boomerang made a shield around you. It was a pretty cool trick to pull off, if only for laughs.

  • CJ

    So that's what Chuggaaconroy's next project is?!? AWESOME!!!

  • Mark

    My favourite memory is how it took me forever to figure out how to get the key to Level 7. I felt kind of dumb when I realized where you get the song 🙂

  • superwalkthroughgod

    there was a certain house you stay in for exactly 2 minutes and it plays a secret song i forgot which house though

    • Mark

      Richard's Villa

    • thEgamE

      It's Richard's Villa.

    • Dee

      Totaka's Song!

  • kaepora21

    This was my first Zelda game, and also the one that took me the longest to complete. I love it, and can't wait for a full month on one of the most underrated titles in the Zelda franchise!

  • Nathan

    Stealing items from the shop is probably my favorite Link's Awakening trick!

  • Does anyone know exactly what this partnership means? Is it anything similair to Chuggaaconroy's partnership with TheGameStation?

    • heroofmask

      no it means hes making the walkthrough for zu his la playthrough will be put on here as a la walkthrough just like his mm and ww ones

  • AceBanditX

    Is this the Totaka song for this game?

    • Hugo

      No, Totaka's song is hidden when you wait in Richard's Villa for about two and a half minutes.

  • CaptainSpaz

    There was also a trick where you could warp across half the world map. Only worked in the original version, not DX.

  • Norsewind

    There was a trick, its actually meant to be doable not sure if everyone knew it, that if you equip bow to one button and bombs to the other you could shoot bomb arrows at stuff while pressing both buttons at the same time.

  • Mickii

    This is great! I cant wait to enjoy a month of LA appreciation. This game really deserves it ; v ;

  • Vladislak

    I love Link's Awakening! Can't wait for this stuff. 😀

  • Yah chuggaconroy is back i loved the pikmin playthrough *sigh* so much pain and misery for him but so much fun for the rest

  • TripleAAA

    I love this game!!! Can't wait!!!

  • Joey Eichelberg

    I'm a HUGE fan of Chuggaa Conroy! I watched his videos since he did Paper Mario 2.

  • Hit the jump for the first video in the series, and the playlist, to watch Let’s Play: Zelda’s Adventure for yourself.