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A mere 24 hours after the huge A Link to the Past 2 announcement, multiple gaming journalism outlets were given access to a demo. The internet has been overwhelmed with hot new details, impressions and, most interestingly, a ton of gameplay footage!

To save you sifting through all of that content, here’s a round-up of all you need to know from the demo. Hit the jump for videos and info!

First off, you can feast your eyes on 14 minutes of gameplay from Nintendomination‘s video. The video begins with Link in the dungeon shown during the footage of the announcement, using the hieroglyph ability to maneuver across walls and hammering Moles in order to leap into the air. He also travels on moving platforms, and appears to have his bow at this point of the game. Flying floor panels make their return, and the video ends with a showdown against returning ALttP boss, Moldorm.

The video also provides a direct audio feed, giving us a clear indication of the game’s music and sound effects. The music you hear playing is a re-orchestrated version of the dungeon music from the original ALttPThe original boss battle music also returns in a remade fashion. With the demo beginning and ending in the dungeon, it seems that the demo does not offer the opportunity to explore outside.

GoNintendo reports that there are 20 item slots in total, with a screenshot for evidence. In his gameplay impressions video, Adam Sessler of Rev3Games noted that the game felt “fast-paced” and that he felt he was making progress in the dungeon faster than previous titles. He also felt that the game tested his reactions, and that the way the 3D adds depth to the verticality was effective.

GameXplain notes that the hieroglyph ability is achieved by facing a wall and pressing A, arrows for the bow are infinite (though each shot causes the meter to deplete, in a similar fashion to Skyward Sword‘s stamina depletion), use of the hammer and the hieroglyph ability also depletes the magic/stamina  bar, there is a secret fairy room in the dungeon, and there is a sword beam when Link has full health.

Link is controlled using the D-Pad and buttons, with the bottom screen unsurprisingly serving as the dungeon map. The stylus movement control method from the prior DS games appears to be no longer available. Swinging your sword is assigned to the B button, you can raise your shield with L and use items with X and Y.

Here’s all the aforementioned videos below. If you spot anything interesting about the game elsewhere that you think we’ve missed out, leave a comment below!

Sources: NintendominationGoNintendo, Rev3GamesGameXplain

  • jau682

    Well, I'm going to buy it regardless, so here's hoping it's up to par.

  • veeronic


  • Odin

    OH MY GOD !!! I am SO getting this! Viva Zelda!!!

  • RPH1

    It looks like the controls from OoT 3DS are returning for this, which is very nice.

  • Annonymous

    Would have been nice if they'd have just put the damn demo on the eSHOP…

    • RPH1

      They don't put a demo of a game on the eShop until the game development is finished. Since they are making the game now, I think you will have to wait until the Fall for an eShop demo. The 1 minute video they put on the eShop calles it "The New Zelda Game". They don't even have a name for it yet and you are cussing about not being able to play a demo.

  • Sinni

    In anticipation, I've downloaded the original LTTP on my WiiU… I've never finished it before, as i never had a Super Nintendo as a kid… Time to play!!!

    • ZeldaFan23

      Have fun! It's hard at points, but definately worth the time to play! I haven't beat it yet though… I should get on that! 😛

  • George Koumpouras

    A sequel to A Link To The Past is coming out GREAT.I was a fan of the first one,and now I have a good reason to buy a Nintendo 3DS!!!!!

  • Metal Man

    The only problems I have with this is the extremely Disney art style and the extremely easy difficulty. The art style could probably be gotten used to though, it is a little charming. I really hope the difficulty is more along the lines of the DKCR level an not the NSMB level.

    • It's still in the development stages, give it time.

    • MikeL

      What the heck do you know about the game's difficulty???

      • Metal Man

        From the video and from experience, games in this trend with Nintendo with sequels to classics are usually very easy compared to what they're supposed to be sequels of. One of the only exceptions I can even think of Donkey Kong Country Returns, but even that was easier than the rest of the DKC series. Moldorm in LTTP was much more punishing than the one shown in this video, and that just hints at what the rest of the game will be like. It doesn't mean it's gonna be easy, and that doesn't mean being easy is bad, but I prefer the old style Nintendo Hard difficulty.

  • Metal Man

    Not to make it seem like I'm not excited for the game though, I haven't been this excited about Zelda in years.

  • I'm so happy Nintendo is doing a sequel to ALTTP, and not a remake. I think that's the best of both worlds, something old, and something new at the same time, in a way. 🙂

  • Gwydion

    This is looking great! Can't wait to get my hands on it!

  • TheGrave

    At least this Moldorm doesn't reset it's hits when you fall the floor below. Damn that used to piss me off.

    Overall though I'm stoked.

  • Sahasrala!

    Dat trumpet.

  • Mickii

    Great! I can’t wait to bomb some dodongos!!!

  • Mickii

    But I am seriously syked about the classic style Link coming to life like this. I honestly thought they were done with that! Idky, but I did.

  • I swear the first video playthrough is a revamped Tower of Hera.