Eiji Aonuma

Considering a number of the portable entries in the Zelda series have been handled by Capcom, you may be wondering just who will be in charge of A Link to the Past 2. We can confirm that the game is in good hands indeed, as Polygon reports that Eiji Aonuma and his team at Nintendo EAD will once again take control.

This should come as little surprise as it makes sense for Nintendo to handle the project internally, given the game’s direct link to the original A Link to the Past and the legacy that this sequel will have to live up to. While Aonuma had no role in the development of the original ALttP, he has been involved in the series since Ocarina of Time and has overseen the majority of Zelda games since. I have faith that his direction will once again shine through to create a worthy sequel.

Source: Polygon
  • Rupee


  • Doctor Hunt

    Oh no

  • TheGrave

    Oh yes.

  • mlnintendo97

    I am glad to see Eiji Aonuma is charge of this game, had no clue that Capcom has been in charge of the portable titles of the past.

  • GanonLives

    Both good and bad news for me. Good because ALTTP was my second favorite zelda game and bad because I do not own a 3ds and couldn't see to enjoy the features

    • MikeL

      There is a very simple solution to your problem, just buy a 3ds. The ability to play the new Zelda game is a system selling feature on its own

  • It's really cool that the word 'up' is in the title. I get really bummed out when I see a news item that doesn't have one.

  • Anouma actually hinted about an enhanced 3d remake of ALTTP a few years back. Never expected to have this evolve into a sequel of the same game.

    source: http://www.gamesradar.com/skyward-sword-producer-

  • TS_505

    All of Aonuma's games have felt a bit shallower and more patchwork than LttP ever did, in my experience. I couldn't say this is especially good news.