Hey Listen Music Video

If you’re part of the anti-Navi faction of the Zelda fanbase, don’t look away just yet just because this video is called ‘Hey, Listen!‘. Mélissa Goudjil made this absolutely charming Zelda music video, and even did all the animation herself!

With vibrant colours and an adorable minimalistic design, all manner of Zelda characters can be seen grooving to ‘Goldfish’ by Humbug. Link, Navi, Zelda, Ganondorf and even Vaati pull off some sick moves, while Link also confronts some fierce enemies. The most impressive and mesmerising aspect, however, are the transitions. Shapes and colours shift and the location constantly changes with clever subtlety, and it’s like some kind of awesome cartoon intro. It may be brief, but addictively replayable.

Source: Vimeo (via Kotaku)
  • Destiny


  • Link

    I dunno. I guess it was interesting. but I wasn't like really into it or anything.

  • Darkly

    Videos al-right, but why does Navi only say Hey Listen, she says other words too.
    Watch out

  • I got put in a straight jacket after this because i blew up my computer with a spoon after hearing NAVI

  • Midna

    Well…..it was ok I guess.navi also says wake up. At least there was some recognition to phantom hourglass. I give it a 5 at least.

  • prada

    lol, that was very cute… talented person who made this

  • Hylian Hero

    It's so cute! <3

  • This would make a nice Zelda commercial. Nintendo needs hire this person.

  • Angel

    How adorable 😀

  • leafyfox

    Was more like a mish mash than anything else.