You may recall the announcements of an exciting trio of Wii U games in the Nintendo Direct presentation in January: a 3D Mario platformer, a Mario Kart and, of course, an original new Zelda game. Well, they were more like promises than official ‘announcements’, as we still haven’t heard anything about them.

Despite all three games not even having official titles yet, Walmart now has them available for pre-order:

With the Wind Waker remake already available in its own listing, this new Zelda pre-order page is for the aforementioned original Wii U title Iwata announced. While “Zelda 2 (RPG)” initially appears to be a strange title, the “2” represents the fact that it will be the second Zelda game to release on Wii U.

As always with these early pre-order pages, it’s worth noting that the price and release date are simply place-holders  Don’t worry, if you commit to a pre-order now I doubt you’ll actually have to cough up 100 dollars when this releases!

Source: Walmart (via My Nintendo News)