You may recall the announcements of an exciting trio of Wii U games in the Nintendo Direct presentation in January: a 3D Mario platformer, a Mario Kart and, of course, an original new Zelda game. Well, they were more like promises than official ‘announcements’, as we still haven’t heard anything about them.

Despite all three games not even having official titles yet, Walmart now has them available for pre-order:

With the Wind Waker remake already available in its own listing, this new Zelda pre-order page is for the aforementioned original Wii U title Iwata announced. While “Zelda 2 (RPG)” initially appears to be a strange title, the “2” represents the fact that it will be the second Zelda game to release on Wii U.

As always with these early pre-order pages, it’s worth noting that the price and release date are simply place-holders  Don’t worry, if you commit to a pre-order now I doubt you’ll actually have to cough up 100 dollars when this releases!

Source: Walmart (via My Nintendo News)
  • Vladislak

    Wow, Zelda 2: Adventure of Link for the Wii U!? HD sidescrolling, button mashing, hair pulling goodness! Can't wait!

    • HylianWarrior

      "While “Zelda 2 (RPG)” initially appears to be a strange title, the “2″ represents the fact that it will be the second Zelda game to release on Wii U"

      • Cayssaris

        And yet what Vladislak can still hold to be true, I'd personally love to see it be the HD version of the Original Zelda 2, but hey That is me.

    • Darkly

      I would love to see a sequel for Zelda 2: Adventure of Link, I beated shadow link by staying in the Left corner and bashing the attack button, shadow link kept trying to jump at me and got hit, I beated him and got the Triforce of Courage.

  • Craig

    It means Zelda Wii U but for some reason, they're listing it as "Zelda 2"… They seem to think the Wii U is another Wii and this is the follow up from Skyward Sword *facepalm*

    • Smailien

      Uh, I would say it's probably just to differentiate it from WWHD…

    • Marco

      I'm facepalming at your comment, Craig.

    • UnholySanctuary

      Well, if they DID count the Wii U as another Wii, even by mistake, don't you think they would have called it "Zelda 3"? You had Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword on Wii.

  • Neo

    I'll believe it once I hear it from Nintendo.

  • Topaz Mutiny

    Wow Walmart.

    You never cease to confuse the ever living fuck out of me.

  • Doctor Hunt

    One of my Top 3 Zeldas coming to Wii U

    Consider me hyped

  • I dont think it means anything, I'll wait for nintendo to make a statement

  • Q_Q

    Whoa people! Settle down about the number, as they stated in the OP, it's to help consumers (many of whom are not in the loop) to differentiate between the WW HD and the new Zelda for the Wii u, which will be the 2nd TLoZ game released for the Wii U. This is ontop of the fact Nintendo has expressed they are making a NEW Zelda title (Miyamoto, as many of you know, said he's not interested in creating anymore Zelda remakes, but instead making new games), assuming that it's going to be a Zelda II: The Adventure of Link remake is foolhardy based soley off a number that has an explanation behind it.

    What you should be focusing on, however, is the (RPG) addendum to it. This could mean the new Zelda game could be a Role Playing Game, or it could mean that Wal*Mart cannot discern the difference between Action/Adventure games and Role Playing Games. The latter of which is most likely given how incompetent Wal*Mart has been in recent years; however, the former would make sense given Nintendo's comment in January about 'Rethink[ing] the conventions of Zelda', and would be extremely interesting if it is True.

    If true: What would this mean for the series as a whole? It would probably not mean much, as each game is different than its predecessors, nor would it dictate that future games be RPGs. But, as with every Zelda games' release/announcement/demonstrations, there will always be the naysayers within the Zelda fandom, complaining about this and that because they foolishly think their vocal minority opinion gives them the ability to make a game better than paid professionals. If Nintendo does come out during E3 2013 and announces the new Zelda will be a RPG (or anything for that matter), save your judgement for the game until it releases and you've played it. Let Nintendo do its thing, because contrary to what you or others may believe, they DO know what they're doing, and they DO know how to do it better than anyone else including their competitors.

  • RPH1

    Why would they use $99.96 as a place holder? The 1st thing I thought when I saw that was "$99!? Good Lord, that's a lot of money!"

  • Ari

    Man.. now I gotta go buy a WiiU..

  • lulles

    I think I'll wait for GameStop to list them.

  • James

    Valley of the Floods for Wii U.

  • Carlos

    This type of stuff just sort of run downs the supply chain. Someone at Nintendo told someone to tell someone that knows someone at Walmart that the big N will be filling their shelfs with a new Zelda title sometime next year…or…this pre-order is for the actual TWW schedule for later this year!!!!! :O

  • Carlos

    I wish I had a wii u to play the new zelda game

  • I might just wanna check out zelda 2 and if its the actual zelda 2 bring on the straight jacket because that game is HARD
    PS. in soviet russia game preorder U

  • Destiny

    Should be called Zelda 20 since its most likely the 20th zela game being released lol 🙂 still can't wait!

  • Hylian Hero

    I want the zelda, but for 100$!?!?!

    • cai

      i know right

  • Nikki

    A NEW ZELDA GAME!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! but…… jeez….. how can I nicely say this….. Walmart…. WHY 100 FREAKING DOLLARS!!!???? WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!! I THOUGHT I COULD TRUST YOU!!!!! but still……. A NEW ZELDA GAME!!! EVERYONE LET´S PARTYYY!!!!!!!! Everyone is invited! EXCEPT WALMART.

    • O_O

      You do realize for a launch price like this, that every major retailer (in the US at least) that will carry this game will be selling it for the same exact price right?

      Knowing how Wal*Mart isn't very good about being competent with these sort of things, I believe some moron didn't pay attention to what their supervisor said and put this game up for preorder months before they should have. Another thing you must keep in mind is just how much information can be stored on a Single-Layer Blu-Ray Disc, which is the medium for Wii U games, and they can hold 25GB of info, compared to a DVD disc's 8GB. So the medium for the game is more expensive, and it can hold more information, which means a larger development time, manpower, and because this is allegedly the 'most expensive game Nintendo has made', it means a larger budget/expenditure for the game; all these things together culminates in a logical, common sense conclusion that this game will be more expensive than anything we have seen thusfar.

      So it would be advisable in the present company to not complain about a price that may or may not be more expensive, and in being more expensive it's quite easily justifiable. PROTIP: Mow lawns for extra cash if you don't have a job and save your money, then you won't have to worry about the price of single items such as this.

  • zelda fan

    i am so exited about this new zelda game it is going to be epic

  • hyrule hero

    another zelda game . how many zelda games are they going to make

    • Sage_of_Winds

      Hopefully they'll keep making them for another 26 years.

  • tingle_forcegems

    They'll make them until Ganon is eradicated from the Zelda universe, H.H. Otherwise, it would have been a waste of time.

  • lol

    99 dollars NO im a really zelda fan but 99 dollars is too much because the wii U games cost is 60 dollars but zelda is zelda

  • lol

    IF is a zelda 2 the adventure of link it will be cool

    • GANON

      zelda 2 its too desesperating

      • lol

        YES but zelda is the best thing in the world

  • look

    I will wait for GameStop that to much ******* money

  • mock

    they are really over pricing it

  • nerd guy

    if i'm gonna be spending 100$, then it better be a good game! ;~)

  • Deej

    The price is probably a placeholder for a "Collector's Edition" that would include extras, we are talking about one of the most celebrated video game franchises of all here, everyone just calm down about the unofficial price.

  • Christopher Olson

    I remember when people were calling Majora’s Mask “Zelda 2,” and I was indignantly telling them it was actually number 6.