Are you tired of using up your AA batteries in your Wii Remote, opening it up, finding that you have no more AA batteries, frantically running to the store, and buying more and more batteries? Are you tired of constantly waiting forever for your rechargeable AA batteries to recharge? Well, your trials may be at an end soon if Nintendo carries through with its current plan of researching and releasing a rechargeable battery pack designed for the Wii Remote.

Nintendo explained in an online survey (as seen below) that numerous customers had contacted them and asked for a rechargeable battery pack. As a result, this recent survey included two questions that dealt with this battery pack issue.


As the survey stated, the proposed battery pack would have a 90 minute recharge time with a resulting 13 hours of playtime! This is especially appealing after the release of the latest Zelda game. You could play Skyward Sword for 13 hours before Fi popped up to tell you that, “the batteries in your Wii-Mote are nearly depleted”. This does beg the question as to why Nintendo has not looked into this option before. With the Xbox 360 and PS3 featuring chargeable battery packs, it seems hard to believe that this is only now coming up after the Wii’s release in 2006. Regardless, it is a good thing that this battery pack has been brought to Nintendo’s attention now, and that we soon may see this released to the public.

Source: Nintendo Life
  • Shima

    There are already re-chargable battery packs available from other manufacturers that fit well inside the normal wiimote and also the wiimote+ models. And Nintendo is not only really late to the party, I think the price for the nintendo brand battery packs will be much higher than for the products that are already available. If Nintendo quality were still what it used to be once, that would be ok. But yet quality has dropped over time. While there are some cheap variants that are better to avoid, there are some really good battery packs as well which bring about the same performance as the nintendo ones will. So that step seems a bit unnecessary to me.

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  • MikeL

    Starting research into rechargeable battery packs!? What is this, 1980?

    • gravyfan

      😀 Point taken. In this context it denotes research into the marketing of such a product rather than the actual science involved in the product.

  • Lord Rahl

    to little, to late.

  • Metal Man

    Most people who would want a rechargeable battery pack probably already have one or don't know where to get them. I bought some back in 2008 and they have worked fine ever since. I don't see how Nintendo will be able to trump third party rechargeable batteries unless they price lower than anyone else or mail them out to everyone who owns a Wii or Wii U for free.

  • Dull

    What are you even going on about? Nintendo quality is still practically the same.
    My original phat DS STILL works, my Wii U controller has been dropped on tile surfaces several times and still hasn't even been cracked, the Pro and Wii controllers are both incredibly sturdy as well. The only thing that hasn't been up to par is the D-Pad on the original 3DS that peeled, but that's the only thing I've ever had an issue with of Nintendo's.

    • Dull

      They're going into it because EVERYTHING ELSE that works with the Wii U is rechargable, so it's only natural to at least be thinking about doing it and start including it in future Wiimotes. Hopefully it'll be 80+ hours long like the Pro controller (which is another part of Nintendo quality that's up to par), if they decide to go for it.

  • mmmm


  • Sage_of_Winds

    So did Nintendo finally get sick of receiving complaints about Fi constantly reminding players about low batteries?

    • gravyfan

      That's the theory. 😛

  • Hylian Hero

    Really? I thought thay been had one.

  • Destiny

    That's amazing! I can only imagine one play time when Fi isn't telling me to get more batteries. 🙂

  • Darkstar

    The NYKO 2 and 4 pack Grip rechargeable battery packs work well. I have the 4 pack with the multi-coloured grips and it has been working for the last 2-3 years. However, a battery pack with longer life is always welcomed.

  • Ulises

    Hahahahaha this is really funny, the controller in the picture looks exactly as mine. I got the same Re-chargeable Energizer batteries and they have worked fine for me, I got four batteries so I can still be playing while the other pair is recharging and guess what? I can use the batteries for ANY OTHER ARTIFACT OR DEVICE in my house, not only for the Wii and I highly doubt you could do that with a specialized battery pack.

    I don't want to be rude but I don't really see the point in buying such a thing…

  • helvetica

    I paid that much for a charger and two battery packs in Jan. 2011 and the rechargeable batteries now only stay alive for 15 minutes (I use the Wii every day). So I would definitely welcome this and would buy one as soon as it comes on the market. (Hopefully available here in Europe).

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