CD-i Zelda music

About the only thing from the CD-i Zelda games that isn’t universally criticized are their soundtracks. Well, except for Zelda’s Adventure, but that game doesn’t have much of a soundtrack, just a lot of weird atmospheric background noises. But if you listen to the music from the first two games, it really isn’t that bad. Lucky for you, the soundtracks are readily available on YouTube – so hit the jump and have a listen!

There’s also a playlist available for the little music that’s in Zelda’s Adventure.

  • Echon

    Admittedly, it’s not music that sounds very Zelda-ish, but it really is decent gaming music. Too bad it’s attached to games held in such disregard.

  • Kathisofy

    wow this music is catchy! and very 80's. I like it.

    • SixMultipliedByNine

      As far as the 80's go, and keeping a purely America-centric world-view, I would quote Sir Christopher Lee (from his narration on The Symphony of Enchanted Lands Part II: The Dark Secret) in saying: "It was a good time, for all peoples of the Earth." And that is my two cents.