Super Smash Bros

We’re due our first glimpse of the next instalment of the Super Smash Bros. very soon, with the first images set to be revealed for both the Wii U and 3DS versions at E3. It might not be long until you can play them, too, according to a recent publishing by Nintendo.

The company issued a set of facts in their recent PR emails to celebrate the 3DS’ two-year anniversary. Most interestingly, Super Smash Bros. is listed as “coming soon”.

Hit the jump for the full list.

· Almost all of the existing library of Nintendo DS games can be played on the Nintendo 3DS systems.
· The Nintendo eShop offers access to hundreds of new and classic 2D and 3D games, video content and more.

· Over 700 games available or on the way for Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL since launching March 27, 2011.

Only on Nintendo 3DS:

Fan and Critic Favorites:

New Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Coming Soon:

Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Super Smash Bros., Pokémon X/Pokémon Y

eShop Hits:

Pushmo, Crashmo, Gunman Clive, Mutant Mudds, Fluidity: Spin Cycle, Ketzal’s Corridors

· Consumers can get a free digital game when they buy the Nintendo 3DS XL system and a qualifying game by April 30, 2013.

If this is truly an indicator that the game may release this year, then this is very reassuring news after creator Masahiro Sakurai recently said that his right arm injury was slowing down development. Skyward Sword-style Link as a fighter and Skyloft as a new stage, please!

Source: GoNintendo
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  • linkxy

    I really hope they give Link more ups in the new super smash. He was so heavy in Brawl!!! Im not saying this is a bad thing but i prefer the lighter quicker Link from Melee.

    • Otanda

      Then play Toon Link

      • Bland

        Is that supposed to be a solution or something?
        Both Link and Toon Link are really slow compared to other midweight characters.
        Marth all the way~

  • Zelda Paradox

    I really hope they will make Captain Falcon's final smash the REAL Falcon Punch.

  • RPH1

    “coming soon” = WOOHOO!

  • Destiny

    I don't have a 3DS!!!!!! Grrrr!

  • Ari

    I just got a 3DS XL and OOT 3D AND NOW THIS?!!? WOO HOO!!

  • Laruto

    Man, I don’t have a 3DS XL and I’m never going to… the newest handheld system I have is a Gameboy Advance!
    … Still cool for people who have a 3DS though!

  • CheatMasterK

    Hm… It also lists Pokémon X & Y, and we know that’s coming in October… So, could that mean that we’re getting SSB3DS around the same time? Maybe during the second half, probably around the holidays?

  • Hatch

    I know it's a difficult request, but I'd like to see a more balanced roster in the next Super Smash Bros. No Metaknight being banned from tournaments, no Snake killing everyone without using smash attacks, just skill fighting skill, no rock paper scissors character selection once you get really good.

    • Daniel J

      Sakurai has already stated he taken that approach.


    i hope theres more sonic characters 🙂

  • Benjamin

    I’d like to see young link again. Megaman X characters would be a cool addition.

  • Mio

    ….Skyward Sword-style Link as a fighter?

    Well. I'm not buying that game.

    • Daniel J

      SSB64 used Ocarina of Time Link
      SSBM used Ocarina of Time Link and Majora's Mask Link
      SSBB used Twilight Princess Link and Wind Waker Link

      It logical to use Skyward Sword Link next

  • heroofmask

    i know what 2 characters i wanna see besides ss link shulk and dunban from xenoblade chronicles or atlease dunban or if it comes first a new character from the next xeno game thats again gonna be a nintendo exclusive like xenoblade was make it happen i love dunban hes my top 5 most awsome characters i mean the guys right arm gets paralyzed and he stil fights like a pro as for shulk well xenoblade does focus on him so bring them both just plz god no no riki that guys horrible

  • Weboh

    Skyloft IS a stage. That Brawl hack is amazing, and easy to apply (even without a hacked Wii)