Medicom Link Figure 2

Many readers on ZU are undoubtedly attached to the Link figma that released last year. Today that figurine went from being a great collector’s item to “pretty cool, I guess” in my mind, because Medicom Toy have crafted a Link figurine so amazing that it makes all others obsolete!

This Skyward Sword Link is the latest product in Medicom’s ‘Real Action Heroes’ line, and it stands tall at an impressive 30 cm (approximately 12″). Link’s tunic and hat are made of real cloth, and he’s just covered in intricate details. The patterned chain mail, shading in the hair, marks on the belt… impressive stuff.

Of course, it’s fully posable too – in fact, you should hit the jump see the range of possibilities in which you can pose the Hylian hero. Link also has some toys of his own, with his Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Sacred Bow and an arrow, and Beetle. Did I mention that it includes two interchangeable face plates? You can turn calm Link into beast mode and vice-versa to your heart’s content.

I can hear you opening your wallets from here, but this one is going to set you back. The figurine is priced at a whopping ¥20,790 (approximately $218/€168/£144). If you happen to be a rather rich collector, pre-orders will become available on March 24 and it will release in November.

Medicom Link Figure 1

Medicom Link Figure 2

Medicom Link Figure 3

Medicom Link Figure 4

Medicom Link Figure 5

Medicom Link Figure 6

Medicom Link Figure 7

Medicom Link Figure 8

Medicom Link Figure 9

Medicom Link Figure 10

Medicom Link Figure 15

Medicom Link Figure 13

Medicom Link Figure 14

Medicom Link Figure 11

Medicom Link Figure 12

Source: Ameblo (via Destructoid)
  • Gwydion

    This is seriously cool! I could never afford it, but it's still seriously cool! Definitely the sort of thing I would waste money on if I had a ton extra, lol.

  • KidWiththeBackpack

    Omg, I want this but I only have $7.

    • Loco4Loki

      I have like $-5 -__-

  • Metal Man

    I still prefer the figma one

    • I'm glad to see I'm not alone. I'm really happy with my figma figure of Link, but there's something very off putting to this one, not sure what however.

      • Shishimaru

        Probably the price.

      • Chozo Knight

        It's a Link doll, not an action figure. I'm with you two I love my figma figure.

  • YeThatKid

    Sheesh link pull up your pants, you look like a hoodlum

  • Give it to me

  • gravyfan

    I'd buy it, but then I would no longer be the coolest person in the house.

  • Sebastian

    Man, I would really love to have this, but it's just so expensive!! Like $80 too much! Still,


    Anyways, I got my figma link and I'm really happy with him. Any ideas on how to customize a bow and arrow for him?

  • Echon

    I think I'm hallucinating, but…are his EYES MOVING?

    • Red Bear LuX

      No of course they aren't……..Wait… OH CRAP!!! HIS EYES MOVE…. WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUU

  • Link

    one word: EPIC!!! how long will this be availible for? is there a point where they will stop selling them? a limited supply? because I think I just found a reason to get off my lazy butt but down the Zelda game controller for a sec and go get a job. I am getting this thing even if it kills me. as long as I know it will still be availible by the time I gets da monneh.

    • KidWiththeBackpack

      Looks like it's not even available until November, so you got time. I'm with you though, imma get a job so I can afford this (along with just having money in general, because as I mentioned before, I'm broke :P) Also I gotta get some money together for when Wind Waker HD comes out of course.

  • Link

    spelling error up there ment to say put* down not but. sorrrez

  • This is epic this is just wat i need for my room. It'd be a nice edition to my collection of collections.

  • CDS

    They've been doing this for a long time. There are TONS of Kamen Rider and Manga Figures like this one. Unfortunately, they don't tend to last long on the shelves before they get hecka expensive, so buy it now.

  • Seth

    I'm almost 27. I thought I was passed the phase where I would play with dolls, but then I saw this and fell off the wagon.

    • Rupee

      Passed that phase? You are NEVER too old for these things.

    • KidWiththeBackpack

      I try to resist buying stuff like figurines, plushies, posters, etc. but sometimes something like this comes along and I change my mind.

      • Destiny

        Completely true

  • Hylian Hero

    this is like the BEST Zelda figurine ive ever seen!!

  • Destiny

    Really really cool! Wish I could buy it, but I so don't hav that kinda money. But I still got my link plush doll…yes, I hav a link plush doll,…..ZELDA FAN AND PROUD!!!!

  • Laruto

    Sorry but… Even a devoted fan like me cannot spend that much money on a doll! Inconceivable!
    … Oh my, the eyes DO move…

  • Hylian_Knight

    I guess I COULD stop eating for a few months. o_o;;;

  • Ryan

    It is available to preorder on AmiAmi now. I put on on preorder before posting here. AmiAmi don't charge until the item is ready to ship so you can save up and pay for it later.

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Why is he so gorgeous. And expensive…

  • Miyamoto

    i believe this one is an update to the figma link, but im sticking with the figma one, something about him looks cooler 😛

  • Jessica

    not the best but love the skyward sword design :]

  • link2.0

    could do better #link