The King's Birthday CD-i parody

The King’s Birthday is a very well-made parody of the CD-i Zelda games done in the animation style of the cut scenes. Link and Zelda plan a surprise birthday party for the king.

  • 101001

    going on about the Zelda CD-i is too far.
    The characters are based on the poorly made cartoon as there was only 13 made. Phillips games should be buried in the desert like the poorly made E.T games.

    • Lady

      I remember the cartoons there were terrible the catch phrase really burned me up.

  • Shrub

    I can't believe there's so much opposition to CD-i month!

    This is pretty much the greatest thing to ever happen to Zelda Universe, in all seriousness!

    • CMike


    • Link Hylian


  • Darkly

    what the heck what rating is the Zelda games on the CD-i for Link wanting sex at the begin for Zelda O_0