It’s hard to believe that these realistic 3D models were made entirely out of paper. Yet papercraft professional minidelirium on Deviantart, with help from PaperJuke providing the templates, has achieved just that. From Minish Cap‘s Picori to Grandma’s House from Wind Waker, she has created Zelda characters and objects from the popular to the obscure across a range of games.

While each creation is as stunning as the last, the real magnum opus here is her life-size Princess Zelda craft. At 5’6″ tall, the quality and attention to detail is clear to see – but it may still surprise you that this statue alone took 226 devoted hours to build.

Hit the jump to see more, and check out minidelirium’s Deviantart gallery for even more impressive papercrafts including Mario, Okami, Pokemon and many more!















Source: Deviantart (via Kotaku)
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  • This is nothing but pure skill. I could work triple what he did and end up with what looks like just a pile of trash literally.ps.. Can i have the zelda one and the majoras mask ? pweas???? pps why navi i would put her in a bottle and throw it at a friggin whale as soon as i made her.

    • Hylian Hero

      I would LOVE the Picori paper craft! its sooo cute. btw I totally agree with the navi thing. lol

    • Snapdragon

      she, what SHE did.

  • Destiny

    This is so cool! Wish I can do that, the greatest origami I've ever done is a flower and a sailor hat 😀

  • KidWiththeBackpack

    Wow, this person must have a lot of patience… but seriously these are amazing! Love the majora's mask one.

  • Loco4Loki

    I have the Navi papercraft hanging above my bed so that it looks like she's trying to wake me up :3

  • gravyfan

    Speaking as a complete failure at anything craft related, I'm sure I cannot fully appreciate the work that went into these projects. What I can say is that they are incredibly stunning, especially the Zelda one. Absolutely top notch!

    This just proves that there is patience in the world even today. 😛

  • Snapdragon

    that´s my friend who made those, some of her pieces, like the Chibiterasu, the harle, the vivi of ffix, and one of howls moving castles are on shelves in my home, she also made a skyrim dragon priest mask for my boyfriend ^_^

  • Snapdragon

    oh oh, I have a majoras mask made by her too ^^