Today we return with the second half of the Angry Video Game Nerd’s experience with the CD-i console. Part two takes a look at the other two CD-i Zelda titles, Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda’s Adventure. The Wand of Gamelon and The Faces of Evil were released on the same day and can be thought of as “sibling titles”; however, Zelda’s Adventure was released the following year.

Zelda’s Adventure was fundamentally different than the other two CD-i Zelda titles. Containing live action cut scenes, dramatic voice acting, and a top-down playing perspective, this would be the last Zelda title ever for the Phillips CD-i console (for obvious reasons)…

Warning: Beware of strong language!

Source: YouTube
  • Death The Kid

    The first two looked at least mildly entertaining, even if not in a good way.
    But the last one was just… awful looking.

  • LoganB

    I think this is relevant, being CD-i month: http://www.nintendoplayer.com/interview/zeldas-ad

  • Destiny

    Does he ever look at the good parts?

  • RPH1

    I can't believe these games exist. I honestly never heard of them before I started reading ZU and that was in 2006, during the World Cup, actually. None of my friends or tech-savy relatives had a CD-i. I never saw one for sale, and I read the ads for all the electronic stores that came crammed in the Sunday paper.

  • DarkHyrule

    These games suck rotten potato sauce :3

  • DarkenedGlyphs

    These games are the kryptonite of any good gamers existence. Sure the music is good but they are UBER glitchy. And they don't include potatoes :3

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