Hyrule Historia Hoarder

With only 4,000 copies produced, the limited edition prints of Hyrule Historia can’t be easy to obtain. One selfish individual going by the username of Tommy98118 on Craigslist, however, somehow managed to bag himself over 40 copies.

That’s 1% of the entire LE print run this guy is sitting on! Not only that, but he’s selling them  at extreme prices in order to profit. After the internet caught on to his little scheme, he’s changed the header image on his listing. But not before users on NeoGaf screen-capped the shocking image above.

This all reminds me of a similar fiasco that arose when the Wii first released, with bandits scooping loads of consoles and forcing parents to shell out ridiculous amounts of money in order to prevent disappointing their children on Christmas day.

While there’s nothing law-breaking here, the morals of these schemes are definitely questionable. As someone against these types of profit deals, I’m just doing my part to name and shame the guy. At the very least, if you’re someone struggling to hunt down a limited edition copy, I guess there are now some available. Even so, I’d strongly advise against supporting him and to look elsewhere instead.

Source: Reddit (via Destructoid)
  • Metal Man

    and that's just one guy. there are at least a dozen other people selling, one going for over $500. i'm willing to bet that almost or more than half of the entire stock of the collectors edition was bought by greedy assholes planning to resell them at reprehensible prices.

  • mike

    That’s messed up. I work 2 blocks away from the Nintendo store and couldn’t get the limited edition because people like that.

    • Mike Larson

      wow, you work 2 blocks from it?<img src="http://Now.apparelbookstore.info/rest.jpg"/&gt;

    • Should have ordered it ONLINE.
      I got mine, really what does it matter to anyone but collectors anyway.
      No one else is going to buy the equivalent of a new cover (Oh so shiny, totally worth 500$) for more than its original price unless they're complete and utter morons anyway.

  • TTL

    This is why the green cover, still hardback edition, to me, is just as good. In this case, the collector's edition just isn't worth it. Unless you get REALLY lucky, you aren't going to get this thing anything short of triple digits. A shame, really.

  • Greedy little git >:[

  • Destiny

    That's just wrong. It should be one book per person, or at minimum 3, I guess I should hav gotten the special edition one when I had the chance at Nintendo store, but my parents said if I was gonna read it I should get the green cover one, for those who still want a copy, I do suggest the green cover, (non collectible edition) because it WOULD last longer!

    • DarkOwl

      I think you mean at MAXIMUM 3 🙂

      • Destiny

        Woops lol, that's what I ment


    Sounds like ni no kuni all over again

  • Jmagnuson7

    I feel bad for the true Legend of Zelda fans out there who are having a tough time obtaining their copy because of people like him. He is kinda ruining the excitement for the fans just because he wants to make more money. I pre-ordered the non collectible edition and am very happy with it!

    • chriz

      i dont know if its just me but does anyone els think the regular edition looks better besides the gold pages but on the down side they stick together the green pone just looks nicer

  • Razer

    Lets find and kick this greedy bastard's ass to hell

  • John

    Lets hope he doesnt manage to sell any so that hes lost several hundred dollars.

  • neos

    The fact that you guys are complaining about this is sad, so what if he bought multiple books. He saw a way to make money and he went for it, that’s all we have been doing for thousands of years. If you don’t like what he is doing don’t dwell on it when you can’t do anything. Just put it out of you’re mind and focus on important things. I for one am still wanting a copy of this book, and I don’t think that I would ever pay that much, but that doesn’t matter. Someone will buy these books and them either resell them, or keep them and enjoy them.

  • DarkOwl

    What's the point of "limited edition" anyway? It's just a way to disappoint fans and allow greedy people like this to profit from avid collectors. And it's also a way to make some fans jealous of others. I don't understand why everything these days has to come in two editions!! If something is so special about limited editions to be desirable, why do publishers/manufacturers insist on making their availability limited?!

  • Hylian_Knight

    4000 isn't even a city! For the ENTIRE English reading world 4000 just isn't enough. I wish they would have ran it for a limited TIME instead, or at least 50,000 or more. It would still be limited edition. Now, if it came signed by Nintendo or Miyamoto or something, they maybe I can see the crazy low prints, but….it was just TOO low for me. I expected this over selling would happen because people love rare limited things, like the whole Hostess fiasco. I'm so effing happy I managed to get a copy so I don't have to deal with the temptation of actually buying the book overpriced. I'm really honestly not surprised at this at all and he isn't the only one I bet you anything. -_-;

  • brian torres

    EEEKKKKK i need a copy of those !!!!!!

  • weathercock

    It's a good business strategy, risky, none the less. IMO the seller is going about it in a poor direction. In any case a limited edition item is sure to get anyone's attention. I'm not advocating for this particular seller, but they saw an opportunity for profit and acted as entrepreneur/distributor.

    "You mad."

  • human0123

    doesn't matter, at this day and age someone will post a pdf file of it on the internet and people will download the copy-righted material anyways.

  • Alexei

    Disgusting! I feel so bad for the fans of the series. Their joy taken away by some idiot wanting to make more money.

  • Z-MAN7

    The best thing to do is to not buy from this seller. Let him or her be stuck with mass pile of collectors edition Hyrule Historias they can't get rid of.

  • Jarek

    This, my friends, is capitalism. Let’s not vilify this guy with adjectives like ‘shady.’ Our buyer here saw an opportunity to invest his money, to risk his money in hopes of getting a higher return. Now it’s up to the other side of the market, you, the consumer, to decide how this goes. The Limited Edition Hyrule History is not a need, but a desire, and you get to choose how badly you desire it. If you desire it for whatever price this man is selling it for, then you give him the money and he gives you the product. If you don’t think that’s it’s worth the price or you can’t afford it, then the product sits with the seller until others think differently or he decides that he’s willing to take less money for it. That’s when things go on sale. You, the consumer, get to decide how important the book is and what factor the price pays in it. You can even take into consideration your personal opinions about the seller in your decision whether or not to part with your money which brings about a third scenario, known as a boycott. He could offer these books for $10 apiece and you could choose not buy them on principle, thus leaving him with a hole in his bank account the shape of stack of faux leather-bound books at his house. Either way, the price will come down or the books will be bought by people who bat less eyes at more zeros. Capitalism works every time it’s tried. 🙂

    • DarkOwl

      It's no different to ticket resales at music and sporting events. Yet many part of the world have made this illegal. I'm not going to claim to know the ins-and-outs of the debates that led to such laws, but suffice it to say your views were overruled.

      In my comment above I questioned why "limited editions" exist at all. Collectors are, obviously one target market, whilst another are ordinary fans who (for some bizarre and obsessive reason) prefer to buy versions that have the words "limited" and "edition" on them, even though they're the same in every other way. This is an exaggeration of course, because there *are* differences between the versions. But if one version is so much more of an improvement over the other, it must surely be in the interests of the publisher to sell more of them! This is where capitalism seems to have failed to stupidity…

      When the title "limited editions" is used properly, they are by their very nature rare-but-otherwise-identical versions of the regular editions. And I accept that capitalism is allowed to drive up the prices of such rarities, for such bidding wars are the games that the collectors have chosen to play.

      • Generally, the amount of 'special editions' that are put out for something hinges on a few factors: how much more does it cost to make, how much will they be able to sell it for and still make a 'worthwhile' profit, and how many people will buy it at that price. The powers that be over at Dark Horse looked at those numbers and decided on 4,000. I know it sounds like an incredibly low number to us, but I assure you that if they believed more money was possible after taking into account the three aforementioned factors, they would have made more. If that's actually not the case, then simply assume a fourth factor that neither you nor can fathom. Either way, Dark Horse and Nintendo made the decision that they deemed best, even when the (highly niche) consumer was hoping for something else. Celda, anyone?

        As for my opinions on the free market being 'overruled', people are allowed to propose and vote for whatever regulations that they see fit in an effort to make a 'fair' world. I'm simply talking about math.

  • I don't see anything wrong with this. He bought the copies legally and is now selling them… legally. He took an opportunity to make money, and when all the other editions are sold out, he still has some copies people could get. At least he's selling them, some people would buy several copies and keep them all because they're "collectors" or whatever. That's far worse than those who sell them.
    Please don't kill me guys D:

  • Sage_of_Winds

    This kind of stuff should be illegal. Not only is it a dirty business tactic, but it is unfair to the people who tried to order the books online but were unable to because of this asshole here.

    • Alexei

      This guy should get himself a job if he needs money that bad, not screwing fans over.