Hyrule Historia Hoarder

With only 4,000 copies produced, the limited edition prints of Hyrule Historia can’t be easy to obtain. One selfish individual going by the username of Tommy98118 on Craigslist, however, somehow managed to bag himself over 40 copies.

That’s 1% of the entire LE print run this guy is sitting on! Not only that, but he’s selling them  at extreme prices in order to profit. After the internet caught on to his little scheme, he’s changed the header image on his listing. But not before users on NeoGaf screen-capped the shocking image above.

This all reminds me of a similar fiasco that arose when the Wii first released, with bandits scooping loads of consoles and forcing parents to shell out ridiculous amounts of money in order to prevent disappointing their children on Christmas day.

While there’s nothing law-breaking here, the morals of these schemes are definitely questionable. As someone against these types of profit deals, I’m just doing my part to name and shame the guy. At the very least, if you’re someone struggling to hunt down a limited edition copy, I guess there are now some available. Even so, I’d strongly advise against supporting him and to look elsewhere instead.

Source: Reddit (via Destructoid)