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With the announcements of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and a new Wii U game starring Luigi, it certainly has been an exciting Nintendo Direct today. Furthermore, ZU readers will be pleased to hear that Zelda fans were not left out during the broadcast.

Nintendo have announced today that a new Zelda Miiverse community has launched on the Wii U today. It is available now and, after having a brief glance through, is already active with an excited Zelda fanbase.

Satoru Iwata gave the announcement, stating that Zelda boss Eiji Aonuma might “make an appearance from time to time” in the Miiverse community.

This will be the first ever Miiverse that will launch without an already existing game or app to accompany it. With Iwata stating that Nintendo “really appreciates the enthusiasm of the Zelda fans”,  Nintendo clearly recognises that Zelda is one of their most valuable and beloved series, and it’s very considerate of them to provide a community for Wii U owners.

Given that an earlier Nintendo Direct announced Wind Waker HD and a brand new upcoming title in the series, there is a lot to discuss for fans right now. When you’re not in the forums, get chatting and flaunt your artistic talents on the Zelda Miiverse. See you there!

To see the announcement for yourself, skip to 13:32 in the video below.

Source: Nintendo Direct (via CVG)
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