Read Only Memory - Link's Triumph Cartoon

Read Only Memory is an animated collaboration between talented animation group Shamoozal and popular Nintendo-based news site GoNintendo. Their latest offering is “Link’s Triumph”, an incredible cartoon re-imagining of the first boss fight from the original NES Legend of Zelda.

As much as I love the camp value in the unforgettable “excuuuse me, princess!” line, this is the Saturday morning cartoon that I wish had replaced the existing 80s one. Not that it’d be too late now – I’d love for this to develop into a series! Hit the jump and check it out.


It may be brief, but full of great moments. Link’s expressions as he nervously enters the room, attempts to extinguish his burning shield and smiles in relief upon his victory are charming. The action is well animated too, and the art style is captivating.

The animator of the video put a lot of effort into this finale of Read Only Memory’s second season. He says on GoNintendo:

Link’s Triumph is based on the original Legend of Zelda game and takes place where Link fights the Aquamentis boss in the first dungeon. Being that this is Link’s first real fight, I wanted to portray him as inexperienced, and maybe even a bit clumsy. I hope that it comes through and that you enjoy this short. I know it’s barely a minute long, but I certainly put my all into this one. I really wanted ROM to go out on a high note.

Did you enjoy this short? Shamoozal have many more videos on their YouTube channel. Also, check out the previous Zelda-themed ROM cartoon here if you missed it.

Source: YouTube
Via: Destructoid