You better get your reading glasses on for this one. With the quickly approaching launch day of the Wii U (North America, November 18; Europe and Australia, November 30; and Japan, December 8), many reviewers already have their hands on the console, billowing Wii U news into the internet.

Here we go!

Achievements/Trophies Are Game Specific

Developers have the option to include or exclude achievements from their titles. There isn’t a console wide system that requires games to include in game achievements. This may be a disappointment to some who enjoy being rewarded  for their superfluous achievements.

Ubisoft is Pushing for eShop Downloads

Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot has said that he wants to include Ubisoft’s titles on the Wii U’s eShop as soon as the service becomes available to third party developers. It’s nice to hear that third parties are eager to get started offering their titles as well on the eShop, which will hopefully offer a more robust store.

New Super Mario Bros. U Does Not Support Nunchuk Control Scheme

With New Super Mario Bros. Wii, players had the option to play using the WiiMote and Nunchuk combination; however, the upcoming New Super Mario Bros. U doesn’t support this control scheme, which will be released on launch day.

Downloaded Wii U Titles Cannot be Saved to SD Card

Nintendo of Japan has confirmed that downloaded software can’t be saved to an external SD card. Your options are limited to saving on the Wii U’s internal storage or purchasing an external hard drive.

Reggie Appearing on Jimmy Fallon this Friday

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime will make an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon this Friday (November 16). Presumably, he will be showcasing the Wii U one last time before it hits North American store shelves on November 18.

Preorder Bonus for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 not Coming to Wii U?

Many large game retail sites have removed the bonus Nuketown 2025 map from the Wii U edition of Black Ops 2. It appears that this map will only be exclusive to the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC editions of the game, but Nintendo or Activision has declined to deny or confirm this. Also, the Wii U version won’t come with the feature to livestream game content to YouTube, which its competitor’s counterparts do include.

Wii U eShop Built by Former Xbox Live Arcade Team

Jonathan Holmes, who works with Destructoid, received a statement from Nintendo that some of the team members who helped build the original Xbox Live Arcade are also crafting the upcoming Wii U eShop. Perhaps this is another step in the right direction for Nintendo, who have had struggles with online services in the past.

Mysterious Accessory Port on Bottom of Wii U GamePad

Ars Technica, an online technology site, have discovered a mysterious port on the bottom of the Wii U GamePad. The user manual states that this port is for “controller accessories” but none have  been announced. The microphone for We Sing  has already been ruled out since it plugs directly into the console’s USB port. What type of accessories do you think we’ll see for the GamePad?

Wii U has an Automatic Shutoff Feature

By default, the Wii U will shutoff after a certain period of time if not being used. While this may save electricity if left accidentally unattended,  it may be unwanted by some, which is why this feature is configurable and can be turned off all together.

Activision Slip Reveals Next Gen Console Competitor for Wii U

Activison’s CEO Bobby Kotick recently let it slip that next year Sony or Microsoft will be launching either their PS4 or next gen Xbox, respectively. Kotick also mentioned that he believed both consoles will be successful. Which console do you think the Wii U will have to contend with next year?

Nintendo Celebrating Wii U Launch at Nintendo World Store at Midnight

The very first consumers to purchase the Wii U will be those lined up at midnight on November 18th at the Nintendo World store in New York City. Reggie will be on location to count down to launch hour and sell the very first console to the first customer in line. Eager customers in line will receive special items while supplies last and Nintendo will be selling New York-themed T-shirts with Mario’s image. All proceeds from the sale of these shirts will go to the American Red Cross for the relief efforts of Hurricane Sandy.

Very First Look at Wii U eShop

It’s not much (and written in all Japanese), but the above picture shows off the very first look of the Wii U’s eShop. The eShop will be available via a system update on launch date, which allow users to buy select downloadable versions of retail games, extra game content, free demos, and games exclusive to the eShop. This update is also required to play Wii games on the Wii U console.

GamePad Battery Life

IGN Executive Editor Richard George has confirmed that the Wii U’s GamePad has a batter life of three to five hours and requires about two and half hours to fully charge. The Wii U Pro Controller lasts for approximately eighty hours and takes roughly four and a half hours to reach a full charge.

Friends Code Confirmed to be a Thing of the Past

Nintendo has confirmed that friend codes have been completely been removed from online services and have been replaced with a system wide account ID system, which will be known as your Nintendo Network ID.

Not Possible to Video Chat While Playing A Game

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has confirmed that players won’t  be able to send or receive video calls while playing a Wii U game; however, he also said that Nintendo plans to incorporate this feature in the future but that it just won’t be available at launch.

I shall leave you with a few Wii U videos to enjoy! The first is an unboxing of the Wii U Premium Pack by Satoru Iwata, followed by an overview of Nintendo Land, an overview of the Wii U’s features, the official trailer for the special Wii U edition of Mass Effect 3, Wii U menu music (parts 1 and 2), and some New Super Mario Bros. U footage.

What Wii U features and software titles are you looking forward to the most?

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