Tonight/tomorrow (due to the joys of time zones) Nintendo will be holding yet another Nintendo Direct at 4 am PDT . Coming directly from Nintendo’s Twitter is this message, which I translated using Google Translate:

To Nintendo Direct [Iwata] of this time, information about the Wii U is not included. I want to deliver directly to you, as well as new information about Nintendo 3DS Wii. Forgive your time you’re getting, it should take a look.

Despite Google’s poor attempts at correlating Japanese grammar to English grammar, we can tell that information about the Wii U won’t be disscussed; however, it appears some interesting details about upcoming 3DS and Wii software will be given.

As for Majora’s Mask 3D being revealed, take the jump to find out more!

Earlier today, UK gaming retailer GAME listed Majora’s Mask 3D on their online store; however, it was soon taken down. Could this be a sign of things to come tonight at the Nintendo Direct?

Is this a coincidence or teasing prank to Zelda fans? Be sure to leave your comments and opinions below and stay tuned to Zelda Universe for any Nintendo or Zelda news that may come from the conference later today/tomorrow!

You can view the Nintendo Direct here once the live stream begins.

Source: FanCencus, Twitter (via NintendoGlobe)