Zelda Battle Quest

“Graphically, this is really cool… I’m looking at an HD Nintendo game, and that’s something that we really haven’t been able to see before.”

Representatives from popular gaming website Kotaku are at E3, and they’ve produced a video which takes a comprehensive look at the Zelda-themed game from Nintendo Land: The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest. Hit the jump to find out more.

One player controls a Mii (dressed in a Link costume) with a bow by using the Game Pad, while up to three others have swords and shields and use the Wii remotes to control their characters. The game appears to be somewhat on rails, and the player with the Game Pad can tilt and move it around to look around the world, without having to be facing the TV screen. The Kotaku representative, Stephen Totilo, described it as being like a viewfinder to the virtual world he was in. However, he found that he sometimes had to re-synch the direction that he was pointing. As well as fighting enemies along the way, the game contained small puzzles, such as one where the three players had to strike three globes within a certain time in order to open a door.

As always in the world of Zelda, life is represented by hearts, and the group has a limited number of hearts which is shared among them. If the group finds itself running low, recovery hearts can be found around the world. A Zelda game also wouldn’t be complete without a boss battle, and Battle Quest is no exception.

Despite the Wii U having to send various signals and views between the console, Game Pad, TV and controllers, the gameplay reportedly did not feel laggy.

Head over to Kotaku to watch the video.

Source: Kotaku