Fans of Wii Fit won’t need to worry about the franchise being left behind when the Wii U succeeds the Wii. You can continue to get fit with a version that promises to leave us “sweatier” than ever: Wii Fit U.  The title will include more exercises as well as the option to use the Game Pad independently from the TV, so you no longer have to tie up the TV when you work out.

Once your exercise for the day is done, you can invite your friends over and have fun with the Wii U’s latest party game: Sing. Currently a working title, Sing will allow everyone to play instead of the traditional music game format where  one person is performing. The Game Pad will display lyrics.

  • SaitoNetwork

    This E3 was a hoax, a complete waste of time; while the Wii U appears to be one of the best home console systems Nintendo has every produced, the front-game line up is terrible. What I would have wanted to see would be a new Zelda game title announced, a new Metroid PRIME game announced, and a new Super Smash Bros. game announced.

    Might be a chance for a 3DS announcement for a new Zelda title, but it seems as likely not.