It sounds incredibly tedious and ridiculous—to set up over 30,000 dominoes that encapsulate the vast history of Nintendo and then watch them tumble, producing a miraculous display. However, the collaborative work of two YouTube users, Dieckdomino and , has resulted in just that. Incorporating Nintendo memorabilia into the collapsing piece of art, the duo has made this more than just a run of the mill dominoes display; nevertheless, Zelda earned a segment of the presentation and even included a falling Master Sword constructed totally of dominoes.

Take the jump to view the spectacle.

Source: Mashable (via YouTube)

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  • that guy

    Awesome vid 🙂 but why was sonic included in this since it was supposed to be about nintendo?

    • Heriod77777

      I think Nintendo helped make Sonic. Though I may be wrong.

      • mcdude910

        You /are/ wrong, but it's no big deal. XD

        • Alessandra

          Sega and Nintendo worked together that's why Sonic was included.

          • asdf

            What in the actual fuck are you all talking about? Nintendo and Sega were huge competitors back when Sonic was first created. They didn't, "work together" to create him. For fucks sake, with the exception of mcdude910 are you all 12 years old?

          • angelinkLDS

            Instead of getting mad and calling them 12 year olds you could answer their question. I think they included Sonic because now he is one of Nintendo's characters. Think of Mario and Sonic Olympics.

          • Squiggy

            Actually, Sonic is still property of Sega, which is still a third party developer making games for multiple platforms, including Sonic games. Sonic is not a Nintendo character, even though Sega would probably be a LOT better off if Nintendo bought them. Last I heard, Sega is currently owned by a Japanese Pachinko company that doesn't even give a damn about them.

            The Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games series is a collaborative effort, where Sega develops the game (historically, Sega almost always gets the rights for producing games based on the Olympics), with Nintendo lending them rights to use Mario characters and images. Sonic's presence in Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a GUEST appearance (similar to the appearance of Solid Snake in the game) with Sega licensing the character to Nintendo for that game.

    • Nen desharu

      Why was Sonic chosen over Donkey Kong, Metroid, or Kirby?

  • Heriod77777

    That was amazing!

  • mcdude910

    I just saw this yesterday for the first time ever. That is incredibly coincidental.

  • MDH

    Love the Missingno tower.

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  • Baker1000

    Awesome vid. Shame that the "the end" part didn't all fall down as planned. But was it supposed to have been one single run of dominoes? Seems like it was different segments shot at different times. It would be hard to film the different parts in one go unless you followed the line of dominoes around the room. Plus it doesn't look like there was much space for all those dominoes at once.

    Still, an incredible spectacle. Loved the use of Wii game cases and remotes as part of it.

  • Relabim

    Whoa !
    Awesome video ! You really have to be patient to create this. Imagine if something goes wrong during the filming :/

  • We used to have a yearly tv-show like this here in the Netherlands, but it stopped because they didn't have enough money and we just kept trying to beat our own record since no other country participated. It was a bit larger than this though, with something around 5 million dominoes.

    • Baker1000

      5 million?! Just a bit larger you say…

  • badwolf16

    pretty intense stuff here

  • Arlette Banks

    Amazing, Nintendo's been very good at marketing these things.<img src=""><img src=""&gt;

  • zelda loves link

    that is so cool but i can make sonic, link. shadow ,zelda pokemon, all you can think of out of legos.

    • lootic

      lego, Lego, LEGO!??! I dunno what to say…

  • Metroidking