Last December, we posted an article about a Zelda themed LEGO concept. While this was an interesting idea, it was relatively basic. In the wake of this, a new LEGO concept has just arrived, and it is fantastic.

Hit the jump for pictures and more information!

Just like the older project, this new concept has been pitched by Ragaru through LEGO’s CUUSOO program. Ragaru’s project, which can be seen here, includes a plethora of images that include Link and Zelda (of course), the Temple of Time, Shiek and the Well, and parts of the Water Temple.



Ss you’re probably able to tell from the images, the basis of the concept is Twilight Princess, which the creator states was because of the “details and realism”. If you’re curious for more pictures of the set, they can be seen, along with detailed comments, on Ragaru’s blog here.

One interesting thing that a Kotaku article mentioned was that this concept will never actually be made.

It’s been submitted to LEGO’s Cusoo page, nominally for projects that might actually one day be made. Seeing as this deals with another company’s property, it never will, but master LEGO builders can at least take inspiration from the designs!

This means that LEGO would normally create a prototype after the project gained 10,000 supporters, however because Nintendo owns the rights to the Zelda franchise, LEGO would unfortunately not have the permission to actually make this a reality. It is still an incredible idea, however, and this might open Nintendo’s eyes and give them the initiative to make a Zelda LEGO set of their own! 

What do you think about the project? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: LEGO CUUSOO (via Kotaku)

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  • TheMaverickk

    Technically Nintendo has made agreements with other building toys….

    Not even one of the more famous building toy companies either.

    So if Nintendo can some how make an agreement with K'Nex I'd hope they can one day work with Lego. At least Lego is probably one of the best in terms of this genre of toy. Not to mention that it already does a lot of the biggest pop media mash ups….

    I mean Star Wars, Batman, Spider Man, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter….

    Anyways yeah just saying… Nintendo if your going to sell out a franchise to a building block company, at least do it with Lego. 🙂


    • rabid_d

      Yes, true. LEGO says in their rules on the CUUSOO site, if a project reaches 10,000 supporters they will attempt to negotiate licensing with any third party on behalf of the project IF the LEGO team first approves the concept. So for Kotaku or the article of this piece to say it can't happen isn't true.

      1 – LEGO must approve
      2- LEGO must get Nintendo to approve

  • Seb Bailey

    As Mojang (makes of Minecraft) supported another fans bid to Cussoo to make a Minecraft lego set I don't see why it couldn't be a possibility for Nintendo…

  • RPH1

    When I saw the Well from OoT on their web page, the thought that went through my head was to break all the little objects for studs and hearts to pop out. I have 3 LEGO Star Wars video games and 2 LEGO Harry Potter games. Conditioning, huh?

    • weevil17

      ha funny i have all the same lego games as you 🙂

    • rabid_d

      Yep. Keep in mind, this is for a LEGO set, not a LEGO game.

      • Craig

        Even so, to have a LEGO game of Zelda, summarizing the games (possibly in timeline order this time) would be amazing. You could get away with playing that kind of game in new ways that wouldn't work for main Zelda games. I think Nintendo could work with LEGO to do so and fans would love it. I mean, it wasn't even long ago that a Paper Zelda was being thought about…

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Never cared for the LEGO games, I'd rather have a Zelda game the way Nintendo makes them

    • Abby

      This article isn't about making a LEGO Zelda game it's about making a Zelda themed actual LEGO set. Pretty cool if it actually happens if you ask me.

      • Sanity's_Theif

        Oh lol lack of sleep cause of finals is killing me, yea that would be cool, wish I had those legos as a kid

    • Craig

      Although the article isn't about the games, you're missing out with them… They're awesome and I was wary at first but I soon grew to love them. Not all the LEGO games are great, but things like LEGO Batman and Star Wars are great.

  • This is so neat! I wish LEGO would team up with Nintendo and make this for real.

    • rabid_d

      If you vote for it here. There is a chance. The guy on Kotaku was wrong – if this gets enought support, LEGO will try to negotiate with Nintendo. They have said so on other projects. Go vote:

  • The 10th Rider

    It's worth noting that the other Zelda project has been updated with a Zelda figure and set concept.

  • Keimori

    Hotcakes < Lego Zelda.

  • neos

    i have to say i think zelda transformers would be an amazing thing to have. i know it would be different and all but just think of the possibility's.

  • rabid_d

    Yeah, and it's not bad. The quality of this one is so much better though.

  • Robert Louis

    NO! Do not make Zelda a LEGO thing! It's terrible! If they did a lego zelda, Zelda's reputation would be ruined for good. It's like if they made a Pokemon lego, Narnia lego, Hunger Games lego, and everything in the world a lego remake! It would just be stupid. Don't do it!

  • Merq

    Kotaku's a little harsh saying it can never happen. It can, if Nintendo approves. It would probably take long negotiations and stuff, but it's not utterly impossible, at least if enough fans say they want it.

    For some reason, out of all of those lovely designs, the one I love most is the Well. I hate that part of OoT, but man I'd love to have that set!

  • Machi the Kikwi

    I've never played with or cared about Legos before. But I would totally buy those without hesitation.

  • Matthewzfan

    I hope this happen cause I want a Lego Zelda set so bad and I love the Zelda series! 🙂

  • !CJ!

    well, the Zelda in that pic needs a bit of work, and the Water temple boss looks mpore like the leviathan from Atlantis. you know, that animated movie. but it looks prety good. I hope it can become reality. I would buy it.

  • magoria

    Yes, ofcourse. Lets demand all kinds of official spinoff products made of Zelda. It will surely rise the imago of the serie if we would have this kind of lego serie. Maybe next up can be Zelda game with lego graphics? Honestly, this sounds and looks completely ridiculous and gladly extremely unlikely to be made.


    I would LOVE these!


    If I could tell them to make a set, it would be a OoT Temple of Time with the Master Sword in the pedastal. That would be spectacular.

  • Marysol Hohl

    We have to convince Nintendo to do this! ZELDA NEEDS THIS TYPE OF PUBLICITY! (For Nintendo, it could mean more money…)