Last December, we posted an article about a Zelda themed LEGO concept. While this was an interesting idea, it was relatively basic. In the wake of this, a new LEGO concept has just arrived, and it is fantastic.

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Just like the older project, this new concept has been pitched by Ragaru through LEGO’s CUUSOO program. Ragaru’s project, which can be seen here, includes a plethora of images that include Link and Zelda (of course), the Temple of Time, Shiek and the Well, and parts of the Water Temple.



Ss you’re probably able to tell from the images, the basis of the concept is Twilight Princess, which the creator states was because of the “details and realism”. If you’re curious for more pictures of the set, they can be seen, along with detailed comments, on Ragaru’s blog here.

One interesting thing that a Kotaku article mentioned was that this concept will never actually be made.

It’s been submitted to LEGO’s Cusoo page, nominally for projects that might actually one day be made. Seeing as this deals with another company’s property, it never will, but master LEGO builders can at least take inspiration from the designs!

This means that LEGO would normally create a prototype after the project gained 10,000 supporters, however because Nintendo owns the rights to the Zelda franchise, LEGO would unfortunately not have the permission to actually make this a reality. It is still an incredible idea, however, and this might open Nintendo’s eyes and give them the initiative to make a Zelda LEGO set of their own! 

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Source: LEGO CUUSOO (via Kotaku)

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