Hey, Universe! I’m Rusty, here with no adjective to describe this Music Monday! Today, we take a somber look at Zelda, because let’s face it, even a hero like Link has his bad days. Tomorrow, ZeldaUniverse says goodbye to both Bastian and Timothy, which really stinks, because Bastian is a fantastic editor and Timothy is an awesome news poster, and they are both great friends. So, what better to celebrate Bastian and Timothy’s time at ZU than with some incredible Zelda songs?!

First, we have one of my personal favorites from The Wind Waker, “Grandma’s Theme” which, for the minute and forty seconds it runs for, is really emotional, but at the same time manages to always make me smile. Second, I have found a great flute cover of an incredibly popular song we all know and love from Majora’s Mask, “Song of Healing”! Hit the jump for both of those! 

The Wind Waker has some of the greatest music in the Zelda series, in my humble opinion – and this song is no exception! If you enjoy it, I highly encourage you to check out ZREO’s rendition of the song, because it is sensational. Who knows… You might even hear this in a future ZeldaTunes!

I find it shocking this video has the low amount of views that it does, because I think it’s fantastic! YouTube user epicMUSICwin gets my two thumbs up, and I really hope to hear more wonderful Zelda covers from her! She has two more Zelda covers on her channel, and they are just as great!

So, to conclude this installment of Music Monday, I would like to thank Bastian for all of his help, and to wish him the best in his future endeavors. I would also love to thank Timothy for his great work here at ZU as well as his friendship. I’ll miss you both, but I am very happy I got to know you both through ZeldaUniverse!