Yesterday, a NeoGAF member by the name of IdeaMan posted some new information concerning the Wii U development kits. He says this is pertaining to the Revision 4 | SDK 2 package.

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Supposedly, as of January/February 2012, some of the features shown at E3 are still not available to developers. These features included the DRC camera, developments related to the facial recognition and the camera. For example: the ability to track the player’s head, take video recordings, and make video calls.

According to IdeaMan, at least some of these features have been available to developers as early as February of this year. This is still relatively close to the E3 2012 date, however, and he states that if developers include these features in their E3 demonstrations, they will most likely not fully utilize the features because of the lack of time to develop for them.

To see the full post of the rumors, head on over to NeoGAF here. Remember that these are rumors and speculations, and none of this has been confirmed by Nintendo or other software developers. 

Source: NeoGAF (via GoNintendo)

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