Popular gaming website 1Up has recently posted a video explaining the similarity, and possible correlation, of Final Fantasy IV‘s Prologue (which was present in the original Final Fantasy from 1987) and Link to the Past‘s ending theme. Though Bob Mackey from 1UP states he doesn’t want to accuse anyone of foul play, he does note the strong resemblance of Link to the Past‘s theme to the Final Fantasy tune.

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Though Bob Mackey makes good points, and this likeness is certainly something other fans have noticed, composers have been arranging and rearranging other composers’ music for a very long time, and so it is not out of the ordinary for one composer to borrow a motive from another composer’s work. The multiple differences in the tunes should be enough for Link to the Past‘s ending theme to be considered “original”, though it would be interesting to ask Koji Kondo whether he took inspiration from Final Fantasy‘s music. 

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Source: 1UP