Finally the legendary Symphony of the Goddess has come closer to completion. There were parts of Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker, Skyward Sword, and Twilight Princess; we all knew that from the CD.  Yet, somehow, something was missing. Hit the jump to read more!

The specific show where the new movement was debuted is unconfirmed (suspected Vancouver, BC). What we do know, however, is the new movement that has been added to the Symphony of the Goddess is (drum roll please): Majora’s Mask!

This may come as a relief to some of the Zelda fans out there who are really fond of Majora’s Mask. While containing some of the franchise’s best music, it still lacked the flavor of one of its most prized additions: Majora’s Mask. Unfortunately not on the CD, you have to go to the show to hear the new addition. With a widening scope of concerts, however, there is little excuse (apart from money and maybe a cousin’s wedding) to not be able to see it. You can check the schedule here. Congratulations Nintendo: You made something great into something even greater.

Seen the show or have a thought? Let us know in the comments!

Sources: GoNintendo and Zelda Symphony 

  • Man, I hope that song comes to the one in VA, I bought 4 rear orch tickets, even though 2 of us are going. I need to find people to take.

    • Shawn

      I wish I could get tickets in VA

  • Frederik

    Does the atlantic ocean count as an excuse?! Won’t they ever come to Europe?

  • Ralon

    Okay, yes, the Atlantic ocean counts as an excuse 😉

  • pencil

    Obviously I don't live anywhere near those cities, so they have to come out with another CD!! Myabe it should an addition when you buy Majora's Mask for 3DS..

    • Sotswba

      I don't live anywhere near Phoenix, AZ. I flew there on the 21st and I watched the show, so that should not be an excuse

  • RPH1

    What is the dress code to one of these?

    • AwkwardPigeon

      Where what ever you feel like. Some people got dressed up, I went in shorts and a t-shirt, others cosplayed. Don't break a sweat on what to wear, just have fun.

      • RPH1

        Thank you

    • Banooru

      Go pick your tunic up from dry cleaning.

      : )

  • Pham

    Im going to the one in Austin, Texas. Austin is a great gaming city!!!

  • Pham

    I got great seats. 🙂

  • AwkwardPigeon

    A Majora's Mask piece was played at the San Francisco concert, it was beautiful. They waited until the very end and after a standing ovation by the crowd (and Nintendo of America because they're located just south in Redwood City) they played the Majora's Mask piece

  • Sara

    I heard they added a Majora's Mask movement because fans really wanted it 🙂 I love that about Nintendo, and I'm happy that I'll get to hear music from my favorite Zelda game at the concert when I go!

  • Dustah

    I heard a Majora's Mask piece for the finale of the concert in Denver. It was supposedly something the composer there came up with to please the fans. I'm not sure if this is old news or not, but… eh. It was incredibly horrifying. Not really focusing on the beautiful songs from the game as much as the powerful ones. Loved the unique flavor of it a lot.

  • mr. man

    Totes going to the one in Montreal. Hell yeah!! I'm pumped.

  • kaepora21

    The amount of money I would give to have an .mp3 version of this…

  • Viscen

    Unless the Symphony of the Goddess comes to Chicago, I won’t be able to see it 🙁

  • Jeron Moore

    Hey ZU… it's Symphony of the Goddesses (plural, ya know… like Din, Farore and Nayru), not Goddess in the singular. Just sayin'!! =D Also, Majora's Mask premiered at the Vancouver show on March 14th and has traveled with the program ever since.

  • Haviklink

    Just heard the MM piece last night at the one in Phoenix AZ. It was awesome!!

  • Seen

    Will they make a CD with the full concert at some point? It'd be a waste to let these songs disappear forever.

  • Keimori

    I went to the show in Vancouver where this débuted, I was so excited when they played it!
    They teased us allot too, leading us along making us thing they weren’t going to play it, even shoving that mask animation in after the OoT suite.
    They left it for the second last encore too, the cheeky devils.

    Needless to say the audience exploded with applause when they started to play clock town. 😀

  • Shaelyn

    dawwwwwwwwwwww they need to come back to Dallas now…(as if they didn't already!)

  • gmoyajp

    1 month more to go then it's on! LA!