Finally the legendary Symphony of the Goddess has come closer to completion. There were parts of Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker, Skyward Sword, and Twilight Princess; we all knew that from the CD.  Yet, somehow, something was missing. Hit the jump to read more!

The specific show where the new movement was debuted is unconfirmed (suspected Vancouver, BC). What we do know, however, is the new movement that has been added to the Symphony of the Goddess is (drum roll please): Majora’s Mask!

This may come as a relief to some of the Zelda fans out there who are really fond of Majora’s Mask. While containing some of the franchise’s best music, it still lacked the flavor of one of its most prized additions: Majora’s Mask. Unfortunately not on the CD, you have to go to the show to hear the new addition. With a widening scope of concerts, however, there is little excuse (apart from money and maybe a cousin’s wedding) to not be able to see it. You can check the schedule here. Congratulations Nintendo: You made something great into something even greater.

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Sources: GoNintendo and Zelda Symphony