The Zelda series has never had a full length movie made from it. Many fans are happy for this fact, pointing out the failure of Super Mario Bros. in the early 90s. Even so, Marinko Milosevski has shown how awesome the artwork could be for a movie based on the Zelda series. His fake posters look beautiful and reveal how good a movie actually may be.

Hit the jump to see these pictures.

So what do you think of these posters? Would you see these movies if they had posters like this? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Source: Marinko Illustration (via Kotaku)

  • Tab

    I want these as movies so much.

    Incredible posters and worth of any Zelda fans wall.

  • Amm

    Great posters, the quotes at the top are perfect.

  • Ridiculously Insane

    They're beautiful! They should be for sale :3

  • Rob

    Nice! The MM one especially.
    On that note, I think the artist made these as promotional posters for the games, not possible movies. Notice the logo of the consoles they appeared on, and also the ESRB rating, in the corners?
    That's my hope any way. Any attempt to directly turn one of the Zelda games into a movie would, in my opinion, be an inevitable disapointment. It would leave out so many details, and would cripple the imagination enjoyed when playing the games. If a Zelda movie were ever made, it would have to follow a new story to deserve any credibility.

  • Error

    These are great! Sadly, with the way Nintendo handles its franchises I don't see these happening any time soon, They really need to get over the '80s stuff turned out badly' thing and try again =)


    The OoT quote should have been "It's time for the boy without a fairy to begin his journey."

    Other then that, those are awesome! LOVE the art!

    • Alessandra

      I agree with your quote.

  • Machi the Kikwi

    They're so beautiful! The layout for all three is stunning!

    And I agree with the earlier comment: in order for a Legend of Zelda movie to be at its best, it would have to involve a new storyline so as not to diminish one of the games or to be limited in its potential because of strictly following the storyline of a game. But I would LOVE a Zelda movie if it were an original piece. As long as the actors, actresses, graphics, and film location did it justice, that is.

  • Skybird

    These are simple…and that makes them beautiful. I'd have love to see a Twilight Princess poster though…and maybe Skyward Sword too…and Four Swords…and–never mind, I just hope this artists makes some more posters for the rest of the games.

    As for the "movie" part…well, I agree with the earlier comments–most movies based after some other media (i.e. books, video games) usually butcher the story line.

  • The Grave

    With the right director, screenwriter, and actors, I really do think the Zelda franchise could turn out a very good movie. Yeah, the Mario movie sucked, but that was because it really had nothing to do with Mario other than the character names. Get a screenwriter who is familiar with the Zelda franchise and knows how to write a good script based off of it and with a great director (Christopher Nolan, Peter Jackson, hell even Steven Spielberg come to mind, someone who has experience with "epic" films), I think they could pull it off just as long as they don't have someone terrible like Zac Effron or Robert Pattinson playing Link. 😛

    • Rob

      In principle, I agree. The Zelda franchise has all the key ingredients of a successful 'epic' film already there. I especially agree with the idea of getting a screenwriter that knows his chuchus from his bombchus.

      The thing is, where would the scriptwriting begin? We'd want an epic story, and it'd need to tie in with existing plot/character elements from the games (for the sake of the fans), whilst also not making it difficult for others to follow. A key point here also is that is MUSTN'T have some arbitrary plot that any writer could assign to an alternative franchise. The plot must utilise the unique aspects of the Zelda universe and its stories so far. I'd even go so far as to say that it should bring together the stories of several of the games, or something significant along those lines. It should explore details of the Zelda universe that would be difficult to convey in a new game; details that would help to enhance the existing running story. Conversely, if a film were made that was largely self-contained and didn't develop the overall running story, then why make it at all? To me that would seem forced. Made for the sake of it. And consequently a lot less 'epic'.

      As a final note, just think as well how hard it is to write an 'epic' script without the whole thing being one large cliche. Epic is good, but please don't give me the same old regurgitated stories. Also, acting (expecially voice acting – so animation supporters be aware) would also be difficult to do well without conforming to the same old cheesy over dramatised pauses/emphases etc. It's one reason the voice-less games are so successful, in my opinion.

  • Ashmic

    I liked the mario movie, it was one of my favs as a kid, still love it

  • RPH1

    What is in the King of Red Lions eye?

    • Sheik

      Helmaroc king!

  • Andee

    There is a full length Zelda movie, it just wasn't produced by Nintendo.

  • Miles Hayler

    Amazing pictures but a film would kill the whole Zelda experience. He should do the rest. Link's awakening would be a good one…

  • Zelda Paradox

    I want the wind waker movie to happen (in anime form)!

  • ijuin

    I do not think that Zelda would work as a live-action film–it should be an animated film (either traditional cel-painted or else 3D CGI).

  • AnotherSheikah

    I don't think they would be the most effective as movie promotional posters. However, they're brilliant as artistic posters. I'd love to have them to decorate my living room!

  • Merq

    Nice! I want these on my wall 🙂

    "His fake posters look beautiful and reveal how good a movie actually may be."
    Uh, posters say nothing about the quality of a movie, one can make an awesome poster of anything. IMO a possible Zelda movie should have a new story, the games wouldn't work as a movie very well, not without big changes at least.

    • CMike

      I was literally about to post that same thing lol.

  • Keimori

    Ya know, if you gave the right people the chance, they could make a brilliant Zelda movie, it’ll take time, effort and a big budget, but it'd be worthwhile, but I must agree that it'd need a script written especially for the movie.

    Also, I may be the odd man out here, but I think a Zelda Movie should be animated, it'd fit the style much better than live action would.

    I don't know why, but even when I see the finest of Zelda cosplay, it still doesn’t feel quite right, even if it’s amazingly perfect.
    The series also has a child like whimsy to it that I think would be lost in a live action film, as most actors can't pull off genuine whimsy, it takes real talent to do so, and that seems rare.

    Of course that is just my preference; if they did a well made live action film of Zelda I’d welcome it with open arms. (We’d just need to ensure certain hacks keep their grubby childhood destroying hands off it.)

  • Skybird

    Although…Nintendo would have to develop a personality for Link first. Think about it, Nintendo has always said that Link is nothing more than a (literal) link between the player and the game–the player is supposed to "become Link" (I don't think Nintendo thought about the female players when they said this) so Link has never really had a personality.

    So on second thought…no movie…until Nintendo decides that it's time to give Link his own being.

  • achoo

    the first poster would actually make a phenomenal poster for Majora's Mask??
    either way these are all fantastic.

  • guest

    These are really beautiful! The MM one is especially nice.

  • Lloyd

    I found these online all 3 selling for 105 dollars.. Are these licensed or even supported by Nintendo? Or is someone just making some money

  • Gamer521

    Would like to see more posters.

  • Lilly

    Wow! Those are just downright cool. Those quotes at the top were just perfect too, gave me chills reading them XD

  • gmoyajp

    i hope they never make a movie base on zelda, because then the series would really ge over rated just like anything else base on a video game movie.

  • The Wind Waker one is absolutely amazing!