This piece of news must come as a shock to the majority of readers living on the North American continent as it seems the Nintendo offices in charge of the United States and Canada are not interested in releasing the Golden Nunchuck to the countries in the region. We received an email this week from someone named Ponkool4 who says he wrote to Nintendo about this subject and the answer they gave him was not positive.

You can read Nintendo’s apparent reply to the question about the release of the Golden Nunchuck after the break.

“As amazing as it would be, I’m sorry to say that there are no plans to produce a gold Wii Nunchuk to go along with your gold Wii Remote. While I know this is not what you were hoping to hear, I’ll be sure to pass along your interest in a gold Wii Nunchuk.”

It is a bit unusual that both Japan and Australia have the opportunity to acquire a Golden Nunchuck to match their Gold Wii MotionPlus controller, but the Americas are left out in the cold.

Are you disappointed in Nintendo’s decision to not produce the Golden Nunchuck for North Americans? Does this rejection make you want to petition for it to be put on Club Nintendo? Would you buy one if they were available in your country? Let us know your disappointment and other thoughts in the comments below!

  • bobafettish6602

    any news on a uk release…or us not getting it either ??

    • Nothing yet about the UK. I would have thought if Australia has it then the UK should too.

  • heroofmasks

    i dont have a gold wii remot but i say no if ya release it to austrailia and japan release it to others to dont make this like pikmin3 wii verson not being sold in us release it to all or we will petition for it like we did with xenoblade

  • twister92

    I'm starting to get annoyed at how we Americans normally just…get the games…and Japan always gets everything awesome that goes along with them – you know, like HYRULE HISTORIA? I felt similar about the special pokemon events in earlier generations. In hindsight I'm a little surprised that they gave us the concert soundtrack with Skyward Sword (for which I'm extremely thankful).

    • Lets not have Disk System shit happen again. They could save in Metroid/Kid Icarus and we couldn't. And theirs sounded better. AND THEN there was Castlevania 3 with the VRC6. So yeah guys, bring it to the rest of the world…

  • Ashmic

    no big deal really just buy it on Amazon, its not like the nunchuck is going to be different

  • Blizzeta93

    hmm… maybe I can paint my extra nunchuck…

  • Aeris

    well I asked Nintendo in Germany but they didn't even make the effort of writing an reply. They just copy pasted something that didn't quiet answer my question.
    I asked in the mail if europe would get the Zelda Posters and the Nunchuck because most of the stuff which we have are walkthroughs for multiple games.

  • Stephanie

    Yes, please write a petition, or everyone please email Nintendo about the golden wiimote!

  • DFM

    I don't want to get any false hopes up, but you honestly can't trust anything that Nintendo's customer support says about product releases. When the Zelda 25th Anniversary posters went out of stock before I had enough Coins to order, I emailed Nintendo to ask if they would be getting more in stock. I got an almost identical email to the one posted above saying that no, I couldn't expect Club Nintendo to ever have more posters. So I immediately went and spent way too much on a set from eBay. One week later? BOOM! 25th Anniversary posters back in stock on Club Nintendo! Oh, I was pretty ticked off, let me tell you! (But also glad that people now had a second chance to get the posters.)

    The truth is, Nintendo customer support employees do NOT have any inside information on potential releases. They're just going by protocol in telling you not to get too excited. They can't tell you if a product will ever be released because they don't know themselves. That's for the higher-ups to know and decide. Not some customer service lackeys, who are very likely low-wage-peons at the bottom of the corporate ladder, pretty much working off a pre-written script. (At least, that's what things were like when *I* was a low-wage customer service lackey-peon at the bottom of the corporate ladder….We worked mostly off scripts and had absolutely no authority or knowledge of what the company as a whole was planning or doing.)

    Basically, what I'm saying is, don't despair–we don't know for sure that the golden treasure *won't* come to other Club Nintendo regions! đŸ™‚

    • DFM

      "Basically, what I'm saying is, don't despair–we don't know for sure that the golden treasure *won't* come to other Club Nintendo regions! :)"

      Scratch "Club"–I meant Nintendo marketing regions in general, not just the idea of it being on Club Nintendo exclusively. Ya never know what that wacky Nintendo's gonna decide! I really wish there was a bit more cohesiveness amongst the various Nintendos.

  • Zelda&Mario Fan_3607

    NO FAIR.

  • miniwifewheat

    Omg wtf nintendo???

  • laura

    I want a gold nunchuk! Please!!!!! I have a gold The Legend of Zelda and The Adventures of Link for my still working NES! I NEED the nunchuk to help my understanding of the japanese version of Game Boy Games I still play! Please!

  • aalfy

    ughhh but i need it to go with my golden wiimote! ;_;

  • lazer

    They should at least make it a Club Nintendo reward. :c

  • Skyward_Hero

    Wtf is this first I have to spend like triple the price on a copy of hyrule historia that I cant even read and now we are going to get screwed out of the matching nunchuk!?!?? Im sorry I love nintendo I think they are the best video game company but at sight of this all I have to say is F*** you. Why would you release it to half the freakin world but not in north america? I mean really how does that make sense?? Especially considering its a club nintendo reward. Not releasing the golden nunchuk in north america is a mistake. Period.

  • Joshua

    As an Australian who has missed out on heaps of AMERICAN club Nintendo deal, I say suck it up

    • Astarael

      Exactly. :/ Christ, it's not as if we start a petition whenever we miss out on something cool – which is basically all the time, with this nunchuck deal being the sole exception. Before the most recent update, we only had 13 items in our catalogue (mostly stickers and face towels), and we've never had the option for platinum rewards or swapping our stars for games.

  • Goron

    Im happy with my little white remote and black nunchuck.

  • Goron

    Its just a nunchuck calm down stop wasting your money on colored nunchucks and buy more legend of zelda games

  • clubchloe1

    How have I never heard that there's a golden Nunchuck? NOA, RELEASE IT!!!

  • Astarael

    Just in case it never gets released in NA or Europe, here's a solution:

  • Jordan

    Why is that America is always left in the cold?
    I say if It is released in Japan then release it to the world.
    And stop cutting us short on the games we do get while Japan gets all the extras that go with it.
    If anything is released, then release it to the world… enough said!!!