The hype for the Wii U launch  is heightening as we approach closer to E3 and rumors are sure to fly freely in a world of fast paced media. Already revealed to the public but still containing elements of secrecy surrounding the exact details of the console, three very popular rumors are spreading concerning the Wii U. Game Informer recently commented with their own opinions regarding the ideas of two Wii U tablets supported by one console,  being more powerful than consoles currently on the market, and the possibility of changing the name of the Wii U.

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Game Informer voicing their opinion on the Wii U supporting two tablet controllers:

“Pachter says that Nintendo is openly mulling the option, but it presents several problems for them. Supporting two controllers puts more stress on developers, who have to design their games around it. ‘That’s obviously problematic for the launch, because developers have to plan. If you’re a developer, you won’t do it unless it’s subsidized. I think it’s a problem. I think Nintendo is still on a one-controller route.’

“Add in the fact that two of the new controllers ups the cost of entry for the system – a minefield the Wii U is already likely to have to deal with even with one controller. The concept could be too rich for Nintendo’s blood.”

Game Informing talking about  the Wii U being more powerful than current consoles:

“Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia says that developers told him the Wii U will have 50 percent more processing power than the Xbox 360 and PS3, but Nintendo hasn’t confirmed this rumor. Fifty may seem like a large number, but given the age of the 360 and PS3, as well as the possibility that the next Xbox could be six times more powerful than the 360, this may be less impressive than it sounds.”

Game Informing discussing a possible name change for the Wii U:

“Sources told CVG that Nintendo is considering re-naming the system after its problematic E3 reveal last year, where people weren’t sure if the Wii U was a new system separate from the Wii. We concur with this sentiment, but perhaps it’s only because we don’t like the name.”

What are your thoughts on these rumors? Be sure to let us know down below.

Source: GoNintendo

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  • Hylian_Knight

    The only rumor that I REALLY hope is true, is the one about Nintendo considering a name change! Wii U sounds like Pee U, which is what it is…because it stinks. > (

    • Trail

      Excuse me, what stinks? If the name's all you're worried about, that's sad

      • Hylian_Knight

        It's not the only thing I'm worried about, I'm just hoping that they change the name. I don't think the system stinks, if that's what you all think, I never judge a system before I've experienced it in my own hands. But the name stinks, I think WII U is just a terrible name for the system. Just because it's the only thing I express concern about doesn't mean it's the only thing I care about, my opinions are just up in the air about the other rumors. You're excused.

        • Robbie

          guuuys chill out. Both of you.

  • Mrtron

    I really hope Nintendo eventually releases a standard controller that can be used; I can't imagine playing certain games using their tablet.

    • Eric

      But the tablet has everything a standard controller has.
      YOur hands will just be further apart than you're used to, that's the only difference.

    • Lawrence

      The classic controller pro is still a thing.
      That being said, I hope they release a stand-alone version of it. Asking consumers to buy wiimotes just for the pro seems a bit silly, considering they're pushing the tablet and not motion controls for the WiiU.

  • Keimori

    I totally agree with a name change, WiiU is fine, but one should look no farther than the 3DS to see that a name has allot of Impact on the market, you have no clue how hard it is to sell a 3DS to someone that doesn’t know it’s a new system, the casual gamers and parents of the world just think "so it’s like the DS but just 3D right?"

    It becomes really hard to convince them that “no, it’s a new system." it just flies over their heads, especially with the extremely similar name.

    I don't want the WiiU to suffer the same problem, I don't want to hear some parent ask "So its just a tablet for the Wii right?"


    "It's just a Wii with a tablet right?"

    Which I will if they keep the name, heck, they had US confused, what hope dose the average consumer have if we were confused?


    No multiplayer games then? That just shot the system in the foot.

    • Actually, I think someone (player 1 maybe) gets the awesome tablet controller thing, and everyone else gets standard Wiimotes.

    • RedBearLuX

      … yes there only going to reveal two games at E3… there is already Multiplayer games announced for it Ghost Recon: Online, and Aliens Colonial Marines will probably have some form of multiplayer, and for all we know Pikmin 3 could utilise a multiplayer mode.

  • RedBearLuX

    What Nintendo need to realise is that the casual market that they themselves have pretty much created, are not going to react well to systems with similar names. The 3DS is proof of that with people thinking it's just a DS with a 3D screen and it's not it's an all new systmebut even now a year later people are still confused. Calling this the Wii U will lead to parents and casual gamers using the logic that because the name is similar, the product therefore must not be all that different, especiall with the Wii U system looking like a curvy Wii. They need to distinguish the 'Wii U' from the Wii.

  • Guest

    I really want them to put Four Swords Adventures on the WiiU virtual console and have the multiplayer work, so I'd be cool with more than one tablet working on the system since that's the only way I can see that happening.

  • David

    I don't understand the concern over the idea of the Wii U having support for 2 tablet controllers. First of all, It wouldn't upshot the console price, cause its likely you would be buying the second controller separate if you wanted a second one.

    Also, for developers..just because it can support 2 controllers, doesn't mean you HAVE to program your game for 2 controllers necessarily. If your game doesn't call for it, You don't need to program it. Noone has a gun to their head saying you HAVE to program your game so it uses 2 tablets, no less.

    As for the name change..that is a marvelous idea which i sincerely hope is true. As long as they don't make a name that's even worse.

    • metalink666

      I think the main problem with the Wii U running more than 1 tablet controller is that it will be way too taxing on the system's processing power. The system does all the thinking and then streams the video to the controller.

  • fourswordslink

    this thing better be good and it also better have an awesome zelda game for it or else i'm gonna be pissed and return it >:(