Zelda III is the urban legend of the Zelda series. According to lore, Zelda III was a game for the NES which never made it past the beta stage due to introduction of the SNES. But in 2005, a seller on eBay claimed he had a beta of the game. While most dismissed it as a hoax, some weren’t so convinced which set off a huge controversy on the Internet.

Yuriofwind just recently made a video which looks into the whole issue, and lays down the facts of the case.

Click the jump to see the video!

Warning: Video contains strong language.

So, what are your thoughts on the matter? Giant hoax or could there be some truth to this story? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Zelda Dungeon

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  • Siaarn

    How the hell have I not heard about this? This keeps happening to me, I feel like a bad Zelda fan.

  • David

    So it was an auction, for a Zelda III prototype, that was never released to the public, that the owner never played, and was sold for thousands of dollars, that had no evidence to back it up other than a blurry photo that was proven false, had no gameplay footage or screenshots, and all we had to do was take his word for it even though he could easily have been lying so that he could make tonnes of money off naive people…


  • Arbiter

    Sounds like a hoax. I don’t doubt Nintendo very well could have started developing a Zelda III title, but seriously don’t believe anyone could’ve gotten there hands on it were it truly a beta cart. At that time it was war between Nintendo and Sega, they guarded their secrets way to closely, and if the game were still that early in development they never would’ve made any public announcements. Like you said in the video though they talked about alttp having elements from the original game, if that’s the case that is awesome, the true Zelda III title being alttp and having elements from the original project instead of being scrapped altogether, love it.

  • I actually watched this the other day and I must say this is an interesting hoax. What I'm thinking the cartridge was, was just a bootleg. It wouldn't be the first time someone put a ROM onto a NES cartridge, and gave it to there buddy who thought it was rare and sold it thinking it just so happened to be true. Now I can believe there was a Zelda III title in production, but no Prototype released, especially if the cartridges aren't dark grey like that one, and the fact that they can't be played on regular NES Systems.

    Either way very interesting story.

  • RedBearLuX

    I could get me Game Maker, make 'Zelda III' remove the sticker from an old crappy NES game wipe the data and then upload my 'Zelda III' and then do the same fucking thing… Hey it was my idea first I'm gonna be the millionaire O_O

    • Heriod77777


  • LegendofMerah

    Obviously not a real Zelda III prototype. However, it's a shame that "Zelda III" was never actually released. It would make sense, because in Zelda I, you get the triforce of wisdom, Zelda II you get the triforce of courage, and if there were a Zelda III, it would only make sense that you would get the triforce of power. It would have been a great trilogy for the NES before moving on to the SNES. Oh well. If they were seriously planning this, then that would make two times where they tried to make a trilogy and the third didn't ever get released. The other instance being the Oracle games.

  • Casual Vader

    I always thought A Link to the Past was Zelda 3. Just figured they said "screw it" to the numbering.