The people who voiced Link and Zelda from the Legend of Zelda cartoon had an opportunity to talk with the new UK magazine, Pixel Nation. Jonathan Potts weighs in on how Nintendo helped him prepare for his role as the legendary hero, Link!

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“To my recollection there was never a visit from anyone at Nintendo.” 

This is coming from Jonathan Potts, the voice actor for Link in the Legend of Zelda cartoon some of you might remember from the 80s. This may or may not come as a surprise to those that saw the cartoons. Jonathan says that Nintendo had very little impact on the way he played his character, and he only had a small understanding of how The Legend of Zelda worked.

There isn’t much information now because the full interview has not been released (over the internet, that is). Hopefully the guys at Zelda Chronicles will be uploading scans of the full interview after they get their hands on a copy.

The other parts of the article cover some details about what the Zelda cartoon was for those who are unfamiliar or need a little bit of refreshing. If you are interested in reading the article for yourself, it is available for purchase at Pixel Nation here

Source: Zelda Chronicles (via GoNintendo)

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