The people who voiced Link and Zelda from the Legend of Zelda cartoon had an opportunity to talk with the new UK magazine, Pixel Nation. Jonathan Potts weighs in on how Nintendo helped him prepare for his role as the legendary hero, Link!

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“To my recollection there was never a visit from anyone at Nintendo.” 

This is coming from Jonathan Potts, the voice actor for Link in the Legend of Zelda cartoon some of you might remember from the 80s. This may or may not come as a surprise to those that saw the cartoons. Jonathan says that Nintendo had very little impact on the way he played his character, and he only had a small understanding of how The Legend of Zelda worked.

There isn’t much information now because the full interview has not been released (over the internet, that is). Hopefully the guys at Zelda Chronicles will be uploading scans of the full interview after they get their hands on a copy.

The other parts of the article cover some details about what the Zelda cartoon was for those who are unfamiliar or need a little bit of refreshing. If you are interested in reading the article for yourself, it is available for purchase at Pixel Nation here

Source: Zelda Chronicles (via GoNintendo)

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    Well excuuuuse me princess! Where is the interview?

  • Matthewzfan

    If Nintendo had more impact on the Zelda cartoon, It would of probilly been better. But I liked the cartoon I thought it was pretty good.

  • Sakume

    Well. Considering Nintendo (supposedly) never had any interaction with the actors, it turned out pretty good overall. Sure it's not friggin amazing, but they learned that Zelda doesn't exactly translate into cartoon form well.

  • Janus

    I bought the magazine, and unfortunately there's only two pages in the particular article, with only a few quotes from the actors. The guys at Pixel-Nation tell me that there wasn't anymore to the interview.
    Most interesting tidbits are:
    -The writer came up with "Excuse me, Princess," but Jonathan Potts came up with the delivery.
    —Yes, he has seen the YouTube video putting all instances of that line together.
    -Cynthia Preston was shooting a movie a few years ago, and a young costar mentioned that she looked liked Princess Zelda. Her response was, "Are you teasing me? I am Princess Zelda!"
    -Preston mentions that the director once mooned her during recording, getting a more believable laugh from Zelda.
    -Both the actors had a lot of fun and would do it again, though Potts says that he's not surprised the series was canceled.

  • Z-MAN7

    That's awesome. If another Zelda animated series ever gets made, Jonathon Potts should totally get to do Link's voice again.


    I personally would like to see a Zelda anime more than a feature film or TV series. That and an Okami anime.

  • stratisfire

    i think they need to make a zelda cartoon that is serious. like have link traveling all of the time and meeting people and everything but make it have a serious purpose to it. kindof like avatar the last airbender with needing to learn all of the elements before summer except without all of the stupid jokes. some of the humor is funny in avatar but some of it gets annoying at times. oh and make every season of the show based off of a different game. like have a season based off of ocarina of time then another one based off of a link to the past etc. and then there'll be chinese ripoffs based off of the cd-i games

    • Z-MAN7

      No, that would be boring to watch. A new cartoon series would be better with a balance of humor but also have it's darker moments too.

      Link doesn't need to turn into some emotional whiny teenager you see in a lot of anime these days. Link needs to enjoy what he does: kicking evil's ass and chasing cute girls.

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