[Written by Timothy H.]

Music is often one of the biggest staples to the Legend of Zelda franchise. From the rolling “Ocean Theme” in The Wind Waker to the pounding “Final Battle” in Twilight Princess, the music never ceases to amaze us. But what could ever make the classic music we love even better? Well ZREO, or Zelda Re-orchestrated, thinks they have the answer.

This is a group that takes our beloved music, from Zelda titles long ago, and completely remasters them with orchestrated bliss. Take their A Link to the Past boss battle theme for instance: what was once a heart thumping, adrenaline pumping, MIDI style boss theme has now been reborn as an orchestrated masterpiece. If you liked the music before, you will like it even more now. Nintendo: Your obvious next step is to redo the game with this music.

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Source: YouTube (via Link’s Hideaway)