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What a lot of us admire about the Legend of Zelda series over almost everything else is the dedication and support of the fans; Zelda Universe is a testament to that. Cosplayers put a massive amount of work into their costumes and the character they represent, and this duo is perhaps the best Legend of Zelda cosplay.

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Fill Up Your Hearts
Equine graphic artist Amouranth did a recent photo shoot with a (Twilight Princess) Link costume that she made and a horse almost identical to Epona. The best way to describe the pictures is for you to look at the gallery here.
Let's Go
Source: deviantArt (via Kotaku)
  • Wow! This seems to be the best Zelda cosplay ever. The Epona costume was nicely done. I'm loving how they make the ears and hair so realistic.

    – Blake

    • Pika

      Take me. Right Now.

    • Dan

      You mean the Link costume?



  • Sanity's_Theif

    Simply amazing

  • Darkstar

    There are your Hyper-realistc zelda screenshots/HD graphics for all the complainers lol. The background really looks like Hyrule feild in the game. I wanna go there!

  • X_factor

    Positively Incredible! These pictures are amazing! That's what you call dedication!

    • X_factor

      But, you can't acquire a piece of heart with the Gale Boomerang, can you?


    That is cool. Blows my homemade Link costume I made for my little brother out of the water!

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