ZU Mailbag

A scheduling error resulted in no one being scheduled to record a ZU Mailbag, causing no Mailbag to be recorded… so I’ve stepped in and recorded one for you, albeit quite late. Sorry about that!

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  • !CJ!

    😛 nice place, where is that? nowwhere I could easly get to I'm sure, but it looks amazing. also nice burp XD lol. what what was with the blank face, were you shy cause you knew the girl was comeing? XD

    nice episode, and a few interesting questions to. now I don't know if maybe I missed an episode, I've been looking out for it since I submited it. there was a problem submitting questions at the time and Lysia said she would put it in for me. I asked a question about "what happend to Dark Link? he was one of my favorite characters. do you think Dark Link is gunna come back and would you want him to?"
    I also asked the question "would you also want another Zelda game to include the Dark World as well?"

    I am not cirtain but I'm pretty sure those questions have not been answerd yet. just letting you know because I figured they were rather good questions and would like to see them in a mailbag ep. ~!CJ!

  • Bastian could easily live in the Lost WoodsXD He looks like Solid Snake in this awesome mailbag!