Famous DJ and producer Zedd has recently put out a remix of the original Legend of Zelda theme, which he has simply titled “The Legend of Zelda.” It was featured at the Ultra Music Festival during Miami Music Week.

The amazing artwork featured above was made by roboto as the album artwork for this new single.

Hit the jump to hear the song!

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Source: YouTube

  • Doomjaw

    This is a pretty awesome remix.

  • Renzo

    It's very awesome, but this remix is old. In fact, i have it as my ringtone since 4 or 5 months =]

  • Caleb

    Apparently it was released in march, so not 4 or 5 months. 😛
    However, even though it was only briefly mentioned, the post is about the fact that it was performed at Miami Music Week's Ultra Music Festival, which was indeed last week.

    • Renzo

      If you look at the date when that video was uploaded, it sais 21/03/2011.
      SO that means that this song existed 4 or 5 months ago -v-

  • adleZ

    they use some of this in the smosh zelda rap

    • adleZ

      i am not fully sure

  • Dina

    Yeah its old. It was played during my birthdayparty in june last year, so its old. But its still cool (:

  • Miles Hayler

    It's no Ocarina of Rhyme…

  • Banana

    It is rather old I heard this months ago on turntable.fm

  • Merq

    I have this in my mp3 player, I love it.
    If I had money to arrange a big party, the soundtrack would be filled with game remixes like this, and I'd never leave the dance floor.

  • Hank Hill

    honestly felt like offing myself up until 2:00. then it was alright. then the feeling came back around 4:30. so that 2.5 minute time frame was bearable.